Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 68: Open Letter to Dr. Sheldon Levy

(as sent earlier today)
Open Letter to Dr. Sheldon Levy
President and Vice-Chancellor
Ryerson University

by email: [email protected]
posted: www.tomadamsenergy.com

Dear Dr. Levy,

I am writing to express concern about the decision of Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science to confer an honorary Doctorate of Laws on Anthony M. Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro.

Your decision to grant this distinction was announced in your April 29, 2013 presentation to the Board of Governors of Ryerson University.

This distinction is currently scheduled to be conferred at the Spring Convocation ceremony on June 5th.

In the normal course of his business activities, Mr. Haines has appeared many times before regulatory tribunals. A simple Google search will confirm that in presenting his qualifications, Mr. Haines presents himself as having earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Lethbridge (1983). Here are three examples:




The University of Lethbridge, through both its Registrar’s Office and its Faculty of Management, has confirmed that Mr. Haines earned no degree from that institution.

It would be improper for Ryerson University to confer an honorary academic distinction on a person who has continued to violate the most basic standard of scholarship by fraudulently claiming credentials he did not earn.

I ask that you respond to my concern.


Tom Adams


  1. Great bit of sleuthing.

    As an aside, but related to the above disclosure; the most honest person to present themselves to me for a job opening at the bank was an individual who on his business card had; “Failed BA, University of Madras”. He was proud to have attended university but honest enough to tell all that he didn’t graduate.

    Would that we would get a little more honesty from those who occupy seats within the public sector or from politicians once in a while.

  2. Now if Chris Spence resigned because he plagiarised an article or two he wrote does that mean another head of an august Metro Toronto body like Toronto Hydro should do the same for colouring his academic achievements? Just pondering what is going through Tony’s mind!

  3. I would hardly call a B. Comm from the University of Lethbridge an academic achievement.

    • The University of Lethbridge does not grant B. Comm degrees, which is the degree tony claimed, although they do grant a Bachelor of Management. Unfortunately, nobody on the crack team at the Toronto Hydro board of directors, Toronto Hydro HR, Hydro Ottawa HR, or the Ontario Energy Board figured out the scam.

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