Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 71: tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro) Considering “Legal Avenues”

At 11:52 am, Toronto Hydro responded to an inquiry from radio station CFRB1010 regarding my allegations contained in Part 68 of this series by issuing the following comment:

OK – attached is Anthony’s resume and here’s our comment from our Chair of the Board, David Williams.
The Company has complete confidence in Mr. Haines and is confident that he has not misrepresented his credentials to the company, the Ontario Energy Board or anyone else. Toronto Hydro and Mr. Haines are considering all available legal avenues.

I have formatted the statement as closely as possible to the original I received.

The statement was introduced to me when the interviewer Jim Richards read it to me live on the radio and asked me to comment.

I have some experience with this type of strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) initiated by utilities. Google “Adams SLAPP NB Power”

The attachment from Toronto Hydro is provided here. Notice that the attachment, which appears to be from 2005, provides information inconsistent with the CVs Haines presented to the Ontario Energy Board, as cited in my letter to Sheldon Levy, president of Ryerson University. Notice also that in the 2005 version Haines claims to have attended the University of Lethbridge from 1979-1983. AH Resume 2005