Green Power Cheap At Last?

Here are links to a column Scott Luft and I co-authored in today’s National Post discussing new renewable energy contracts Ontario consumers are now on the hook for. I encourage anyone interested in Ontario’s electricity situation to follow Scott’s blog here, twitter account @scottluft, and FaceBook page here.

Ontario’s Power Trip: Discounts and Windmills (National Post Column, June 28, 2012 print edition)

Here is my column from the National Post newspaper addressing Ontario’s industrial power discounts. While selling at fixed low prices to preferred large industrial consumers, the McGuinty government continues to buy even more absurdly expensive power. The result of this folly is that rate increases for ordinary consumers will accelerate. Brief mention is included near the …

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The Shocking Truth (Financial Post column)

Here is a column from the Financial Post section of the National Post for the March 1st print edition. The column addresses Ontario’s electricity price trend in comparison with the US. The column advances one of the arguments presented in this previous post. If you compare them, you can see roughness in the drafting of …

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Plagiarism Plague

Here is a column from Matt Gurney at the National Post posted Janauary 27th plagiarizing this post from the 26th where I drew attention to the inconsistency of Toronto Hydro claiming that it fails to achieve regulated reliability requirements while awarding its CEO Anthony Haines with fat bonuses. Perhaps Gurney was actually plagiarizing John Spears at the …

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Ontario’s Shell Game Hides Green Costs: National Post Column

This column addressing the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit appeared in the print edition of the National Post, November 23, 2010. Far from relief, the “benefit” scheme is just a shell game that gives the government breathing room to continue building its legacy of wasteful green energy contracts a bit longer.

Parker Gallant vs. Conservation Ideology

Parker takes another run at electricity policy orthodoxy today in the National Post, this time attacking conservation programs. Parker keys in on one of the most foolish blind spots of the politically correct conservation advocates — the failure to count lost revenue as one of the costs of conservation. Two of the pillars of  modern …

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Green Blackout: Toronto July 5th 2010 (National Post Column)

Careless environmental ideology was a root cause of the blackout that cut off power to tens of thousands of Toronto homes, businesses, and institutions for several hours during rush hour on Monday this week.

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