Green Power Cheap At Last?

Here are links to a column Scott Luft and I co-authored in today’s National Post discussing new renewable energy contracts Ontario consumers are now on the hook for. I encourage anyone interested in Ontario’s electricity situation to follow Scott’s blog here, twitter account @scottluft, and FaceBook page here.

Presentation to Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association 2013 Feb 2

This Youtube video summarizes some of my themes from a presentation to the Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association on February 2nd. The three topics I addressed were McGuinty’s gas plant scandal and where it is heading, the implications for rates and reliability of not repealing the Green Energy Act, and a review and endorsement of …

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Biologist Attacked by Industrial Wind Power Interests

Dr. Scott Petrie, Executive Director of Long Point Waterfowl, a prominent proponent of science-based wildlife conservation, and a leading critic of the Ontario government’s careless Green Energy Act, has been attacked by wind power interests. Dr. Petrie has been charged with hypocrisy on the grounds that this conservation advocate is also an avid hunter.

Notes on Recent Wind Power Experience in the UK: Junk Generation

Recently in the UK, the wind hasn’t been blowing enough when customers need the power most. However, also recently in the UK the wind has been blowing too much. Last December one unit in the UK caught fire and others were badly damaged during a wind storm. Check out the image of the burning chunks of the nascelle, mounted …

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Ontario’s Green Energy Act: Case for Repeal

This essay, presented on Youtube, surveys the economic, administrative, and social impacts of Ontario’s Green Energy Act on the eve of the Act’s 2nd anniversary and concludes that the Act must be repealed.

Is Green Energy Manufacturing in Ontario a Bubble?

Here is some reporting from the Windsor Star on the debate over whether manufacturing development attracted to Ontario through the Green Energy Act is a bubble or not. The article is called “Brain power enduring source of jobs in Windsor-Essex”, March 30, 2011. My views presented to the Windsor Star are only partially reported in …

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Speaking Engagements – March 29 on Nuclear Power in Light of Japan, April 9 to Wind Concerns Meaford

March 29, Enercom Conference, presentation “Where is Nuclear Now? Global Events and Implications for the Canadian Nuclear Industry”, description of the event April 9, Wind Concerns Meaford, description of the event, additional notice, advance news coverage. Here is a good summary of the presentations and the event published in the Owen Sound Sun times

Commentary on Ontario’s FIT Contracts Announced Feb. 24/2010

The Ontario government announced here that it has entered into 40 new Feed-In Tariff contracts to procure another 872 MW of renewable power, primarily from wind and solar generators.  The generators know that McGuinty’s green energy days are numbered. The generators are racing to get their contracts in place before the government changes its …

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Wind a Driver for Ontario Electricity Export Losses

Simple linear regressions of hourly wind output vs. hourly net exports for a couple of time periods yield the following: For all of 2010, the regression coefficient is 20.5% with an R Square of 4.2%. For January 2011, the regression coefficient is 29.5% with an R Square of 8.7%. The low R Square appears to be …

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