Conservation Con Benefactors: Part 1

Professor McKitrick and I document the economic absurdity of Ontario’s multi billion dollar conservation programs and absence of oversight contrasted against official Ontario’s claims justifying the expenditures here. I have appended to this post the full text of Minister Chiarelli’s response to our report and also linked to the original here. The Minister would have …

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Green Power Cheap At Last?

Here are links to a column Scott Luft and I co-authored in today’s National Post discussing new renewable energy contracts Ontario consumers are now on the hook for. I encourage anyone interested in Ontario’s electricity situation to follow Scott’s blog here, twitter account @scottluft, and FaceBook page here.

Hey Bob

Over the last two years, I have posed questions focused on Ontario electricity rate drivers to Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli on Twitter. Minister Chiarelli is an active Twitterer. He has yet to respond to any of these questions. Here’s a sampling of those questions.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Demands Rate Rethink, Chiarelli Blows Smoke Back (Fire Bob)

This morning, the board of directors of Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) Hydro launched a point-by-point rebuttal to the official Ontario government view that power rates are not yet high enough, specifically calling on Energy Minister Chiarelli to debate with them the province’s electricity situation. Those directors are: “¢ Lord Mayor Pat Darte “¢ Councillor Jamie King “¢ …

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Queen’s Park Face-off: “we make no apology” for Careless Waste (Fire Bob)

Here is an exchange in the Ontario legislature from December 3 where Opposition Energy Critic John Yakabuski demands an explanation from Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli for the careless waste now driving up power rates. Compare Minister Chiarelli’s comments about Lower Mattagami with what the Auditor General said and what she might also have added.

Queen’s Park Face-off: Clueless vs. Dishonest (Fire Bob)

Back on April 16, 2014 there was a debate in the Ontario legislature on the conversion of the Thunder Bay coal fired power station to be fueled instead with biomass. In this exchange, the leader of the NDP, Andrea Horwath, takes a break from complaining about soaring power costs to demand more biomass power. Compare …

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Adams “Disgraces These Pages” With “Paranoid Hysteria” Says Chiarelli

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli penned a letter published in yesterday’s National Post, claiming that my November 18 article discussing the implications and roots of Bill 135 (both the legislation and my November 18 column are linked here with a brief additional commentary on the legislation) “disgraces these pages (of the National Post)” with “paranoid …

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Understanding Ontario Power Rates

Last month, energy consultant Bruce Sharp made a presentation to the Association of Energy Engineers, Southern Ontario Chapter. He focused on how the commodity portion of your power bill works, the outlook for power costs, and the impact of energy conservation. Here is a selection of Bruce’s presentation slides. His show is a wonderful antidote …

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