Ontario’s Auditor General Snowed Again

In the year 2000, then provincial Auditor General Erik Peters issued his first report on matters related to Ontario’s power system. The former Ontario Hydro had always been exempt from the AG’s oversight. The vast complexity of the financial processes underpinning the power system proved too much for the newly electrified Peters. In a column …

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Ontario’s Green Energy Act: Case for Repeal

This essay, presented on Youtube, surveys the economic, administrative, and social impacts of Ontario’s Green Energy Act on the eve of the Act’s 2nd anniversary and concludes that the Act must be repealed.

Commentary on Ontario’s FIT Contracts Announced Feb. 24/2010

The Ontario government announced here that it has entered into 40 new Feed-In Tariff contracts to procure another 872 MW of renewable power, primarily from wind and solar generators.  The generators know that McGuinty’s green energy days are numbered. The generators are racing to get their contracts in place before the government changes its …

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Global Green Power Bubble Bursting

Germany is joining Spain and the Czech Republic in hitting the brakes on cost-no-object green power hysteria. The economic transformation and employment growth the Ontario government has targeted with its Green Energy Act is based largely on speculation that other jurisdictions will continue to subsidize green power and allow access to their markets by Ontario-produced …

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Green Poverty: Gordon Miller’s Energy Vision

Gordon Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, is blackening his office, shilling for the McGuinty government’s now dying Green Energy Act. On July 21st, Miller issued a press release decrying the government’s decision to reduce rates paid to ground-mounted solar developers. Having not participated in the review process underpinning the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) decisions …

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Ontario Power Bill Rip Off: McGuinty Attempts to Justify the Power Bill Rip Off

Paul McKeever, leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, has posted a column on electricity prices. Mr. McKeever’s column provides an excellent recent history of electricity pricing decisions in Ontario. Although I disagree with his recommendation that Ontario abrogate contracts with FIT producers, I encourage you to read his post. Mr. McKeever’s post draws attention …

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