Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 80: Follow-up Open Letter to Ryerson re. Haines Honorary Doctorate

(As sent earlier today. The May 6th letter referenced was presented in Part 68 of this series.)
Open Letter to Sheldon Levy
President and Vice-Chancellor
Ryerson University

by email: [email protected]

Dear President Levy,

This letter follows up on my letter to you of May 6 wherein I expressed concern about the decision of Ryerson University’s Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science to grant an honorary Doctorate of Laws to Anthony Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro.

In my letter, I documented an academic fraud on the part of Mr. Haines that is both long standing and has been repeated under oath.

Citing my letter, the Toronto Star newspaper has reported that “Ryerson spokesperson Michael Forbes said the university has agreed to put the matter on hold but would not say why.” The National Post newspaper has reported a Ryerson spokesperson as saying “We agree with Mr. Haines that it’s for the best to delay the conferring of this award until the matter has been clarified.”

These appear to be the only public statements presenting Ryerson’s position but the statements leave uncertainty with respect to Ryerson’s conclusions.

Putting the matter “on hold” would suggest that Ryerson is still open to granting an honorary degree to Mr. Haines. The statement quoted by the National Post suggests that Ryerson is seeking more information.

These quotes from official transcripts record Mr. Haines repeatedly perjuring himself with respect to his academic qualifications in sworn testimony to the Ontario Energy Board.


I recognize that Mr. Haines played a role in directing Toronto ratepayer dollars to your institution, reported in 2010 to be $2.5 million.


However, I am sure you would agree with me that Ryerson ought to never relax its degree granting standards for this reason.

In my letter of May 6, I asked that you respond to my concern. I continue to seek Ryerson’s response.


Tom Adams


Post script January 9, 2014: As of this date, no reply from Ryerson has been forthcoming.

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  1. Nicely done Tom!
    Good research behind this obvious “experience enhancement” on this man’s resume proves we should all be more careful when assuming that “people in power positions” are always right!
    I’m fairly positive if we spent enough time and effort into logical research of many political individuals at Queen’s Park, that we would find they are “not what the say they are”!
    Keep fighting for the truth Tom…we need it now more than ever!!!!

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