Energy Ministry: Oakville (Sept. 24)

Attached are the documents from the Ontario Ministry of Energy regarding the TransCanada Energy, Oakville power plant move. These documents were released September 24, 2012.

The original document was provided in Part 3 of the Gas Buster’s posting series on the root directory of this site. The original document was divided into 500 page sections. For each section, two versions are provided here, a searchable PDF and a scanned text version.

ENERGY-Oakville First 500 Pages searchable PDF ENERGY-Oakville First 500 Pages text
ENERGY-Oakville_Pages_501-1000 searchable PDF ENERGY-Oakville_Pages_501-1000 text
ENERGY-Oakville_Pages_1001-1500 searchable PDF ENERGY-Oakville_Pages_1001-1500 text
ENERGY-Oakville_pages_1501-2174 searchable PDF ENERGY-Oakville_Pages_1501-2174 text

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