Review of the Ontario PC 2018 Electricity Platform (National Post version added)

Patrick Brown’s election platform “guarantees” that the Ontario PCs “will fix Hydro”. He reverses the PC’s previous rejection of Premier Wynne’s Fair Hydro Plan, which shifts 25% of current household rates to taxpayers and future consumers. The new PC position is that the only problem with Wynne’s hydro cost shifting and deferral program is that …

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Green Power Cheap At Last?

Here are links to a column Scott Luft and I co-authored in today’s National Post discussing new renewable energy contracts Ontario consumers are now on the hook for. I encourage anyone interested in Ontario’s electricity situation to follow Scott’s blog here, twitter account @scottluft, and FaceBook page here.

Hydro One’s Future

On the first day of trading an Ontario-based electricity utility stock on the TSX (perhaps since the days of Toronto Electric Light Company in the 1920s), I had the opportunity to comment on the future of the company and what might be done to improve the outlook for consumers. The overall theme of my remarks …

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Labrador Power Fantasies

The governments of Newfoundland & Labrador and Ontario both of came to power last decade when their respective provinces had pretty reasonable power systems. When the respective ruling parties in both provinces finally get a chance to reflect from a position on the opposition benches, the electricity futures of both provinces will have been transformed, …

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National Post Column: “What Windfall?”

If there is anyone left in Ontario who thinks that the Ontario Liberals have the slightest clue as to the simplest facts of life about the province’s power system, Premier Wynne’s psychodelic impression that there is a vast stash of gold over at Hydro One should be the last straw.