OPA: SWGTA Non Privileged (Sept. 24)

Attached are searchable and text versions of the material originally released as an unsearchable image-only PFD disclosed by the McGuinty government on September 24 in response to the order of the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature. The material provided here all originated with the Ontario Power Authority and was labeled as “non-privileged”. The original image-only version is here. These files focus on the TransCanada Energy, Oakville 900 MW gas-fired combined cycle plant, since relocated to Bath near Kingston.

The original version of this file is a comparatively slim 412 pages, hence only one searchable PDF/text file pair.

In the cover note for the OPA SWGTA Privileged files also released September 24, I present a few ideas on how to start researching the material. I won’t repeat those comments here, but another suggestion is to see if we can understand the factors that the distinguish the “privileged” from the “non-privileged” documents.

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Post script: The PDF was supposed to be searchable, but doesn’t seem to be. We are working on fixing the problem. (2012/10/22/13:17)

SWGTA Non Privileged Part 1(PDF) SWGTA Non Privileged Part 1(TXT)

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