Energy Ministry: Mississauga (Sept. 24)

Attached are documents from the Ontario Ministry of Energy regarding the decision to move the Eastern Power Developers, Mississauga power plant to Sarnia. These documents were released September 24, 2012. The documents here are searchable PDF and text versions of the material originally released as an unsearchable image-only PFDs. The material was disclosed by the McGuinty government on September 24 in response to the order of the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature.

For those new to Gas Busters, this information is presented here to provide interested members of the public with research material for a crowd-sourced analysis of a major issue in Ontario politics. Please donate to support this effort. Donors to Gas Busters get access to detailed accounts of the costs of the project to date, donations to date to support the project, committed expenditures and planned expenditures.

Energy-Mississauga_Part1(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part1(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part2(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part2(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part3(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part3(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part4(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part4(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part5(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part5(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part6(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part6(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part7(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part7(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part8(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part8(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part9(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part9(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part10(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part10(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part11(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part11(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part12(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part12(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part13(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part13(TXT)
Energy-Mississauga_Part14(PDF) Energy-Mississauga_Part14(TXT)

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