Presentation to Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association 2013 Feb 2

This Youtube video summarizes some of my themes from a presentation to the Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association on February 2nd. The three topics I addressed were McGuinty’s gas plant scandal and where it is heading, the implications for rates and reliability of not repealing the Green Energy Act, and a review and endorsement of …

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Earth Day 2011: Green Energy Good Intentions

This video addresses the careless train of thinking that has resulted in a situation where a large amount of Ontario’s power production is useless. During Earth Day 2011, hundreds of megawatt hours of hydro-electric production appears to have been spilled at Niagara. In 2009, OPG reports that it spilled 0.6 TWh of hydro-electric production — …

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Ontario’s Green Energy Act: Case for Repeal

This essay, presented on Youtube, surveys the economic, administrative, and social impacts of Ontario’s Green Energy Act on the eve of the Act’s 2nd anniversary and concludes that the Act must be repealed.

Green Energy Act: Taxation Without Representation

The worst element of Ontario’s Green Energy Act is its violation the basic principle of legitimate taxation, originally codified in English law with the signing of the Magna Carta Libertatum in 1215. This video focuses on amendments to the Ontario Energy Board Act contained within Bill 150, The Green Energy and Green Economy Act, which …

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How Much Did David Suzuki Know?

The Toronto Sun has published two columns by Lorrie Goldstein on the YouTube videos “Home Invasion David Suzuki Style” and “Green Energy Act Paradox”. The old-fashioned references are “Suzuki Silliness” (Thursday June 25, 2009) and “Beware ‘cosy relationships’” (Sunday June 28, 2009). These columns appeared in many papers across Canada. Here is one paragraph from “Suzuki …

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Home Invasion David Suzuki Style

The bill to create the Ontario Green Energy Act, when first introduced, would have empowered government agents to enter private homes to investigate energy and water usage. Many prominent environmental organizations endorsed the Act while it included raid provisions including the David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense, Greenpeace Canada, Pembina Institute, Friends of the Earth Canada, Sierra …

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