Orwell’s Animal Farm: Collingwood Edition!

Tomorrow at 10 am, the hearing phase of a judicial inquiry convenes in Collingwood, Ontario. Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco has been called in by the local town council to try to find the missing money in an electricity transaction that took place in 2012. What he is uncovering is that in Collingwood, the pigs …

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Ontario Bill 87

Except to endorse Ontario Energy Minister Rickford’s comments that “the OEB is broken” and his decision to shut down the ridiculously wasteful Conservation First Framework, I won’t be commenting publicly on Bill 87 as my commercial consulting interests could be affected by the outcome.

Hydro Quebec to the Rescue? (podcasts)

Linked here are a couple of podcasts discussing the deal announced on Thursday, October 20 between the Ontario and Quebec governments on electricity exchanges. Here is Energy Minister Glen Thibeault trying to skate away from questions from CFRA radio’s Kristy Cameron on the savings he is claiming households will get from the deal. If the …

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Gas Busters Part 71: The Meaning of Nothing

On Friday, several print outlets, lead by David Reevely at the Ottawa Citizen, reported on the latest OPP Search Warrant involving the Liberal gas plant scandal. The Information to Obtain a Search Warrant, minus some appendices, is available from these two downloads: Gas Scandal ITO Feb 4, 2015 Part 1 and Gas Scandal ITO Feb 4, 2015 …

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Digging the Hole Deeper for Ontario Ratepayers

With the ink still wet on its November 1 power rate jump and subsidized power exports to neighbouring jurisdictions gushing fresh losses, the Ontario government announced its next ratepayer gouge today. A new green power buying spree was announced by the Ontario Power Authority that will further burden Ontario’s electricity future with more stupidly expensive …

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