Promoting Energy Illiteracy

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) says it is “committed to increasing energy literacy and providing consumers with reliable information.” As part of this commitment, it has published a rate comparison report here. The OEB’s report appears to be a reply to my power rates comparison analysis available here and published three days before the OEB’s. …

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Ontario’s Power Rates Not the Highest in North America

Hydro Quebec’s annual electricity survey is a nearly perfect method to compare residential power rates across the provinces in Canada. Unfortunately, Hydro Quebec’s survey is a poor guide to how Canadian rates compare to US rates because the survey cherry picks a handful of relatively small jurisdictions, most of which have outlier high rates. Hydro …

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Guest Post: Positive Energy

I am delighted to host a second guest post by renewable energy consultant, developer, and National Post contributor Jon Kieran. Jon’s first round argued that it isn’t good enough to simply criticize Ontario’s electricity situation. In this post, Jon proposes a positive vision for the future.