Future Generations Get Nailed for Nuke Replacement Power Costs in Prince Edward Island Too

I reported recently on NB Power’s unusual and aggressive practice of charging the cost of replacement power incurred during the refurbishment of the Point Lepreau Candu nuclear station to future generations of consumers. I should also have reported that future consumers in neighbouring PEI are going to get hit by the same stunt.

Bill the Children: NB Power’s Solution for Hidden Nuclear Costs

NB Power’s troubled nuclear power program is about to have a dramatic impact on the utility’s profitability and provincial power rates. After pursuing an aggressive accounting policy that hid from ratepayers about a fifth of the province’s wholesale electricity costs over a period of more than 4 years, NB Power is now showing the bill to …

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Cutting Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions

According to the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator, reducing wind power output during now common surplus supply conditions will save megatonnes of CO2 emissions. Not only will cutting wind power cut emissions but consumers will save millions of dollars too. Consumers save despite Ontario wind generators getting paid for power they could have produced when consumers can’t …

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SNC-Lavalin Offers Candu Reactor to Jordan

SNC-Lavalin has entered a competition against an Areva-Mistubishi Heavy Industries consortium and Russia’s AtomStroyExport to sell a reactor to Jordan. The combined amount of natural gas flared in the neighbouring countries of Iraq, Kuwait, and Iran would, if used for power generation, produce as much power as approximately 16 of the reactors SNC-Lavalin is proposing …

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