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Welcome to the Gas Busters document search site.

This site was created to empower citizens to investigation the circumstances behind the McGuinty government’s decisions to move the Oakville and Mississauga gas-fired power plants.

Under order from the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, the government was forced to disclose its documents addressing those decisions. Approximately 36,000 pages were releases September 24 and 20,000 more on October 12.

The original format of the documents was as an image-only PDF. This created a snow storm material that has been difficult for anyone to access.

With the support of generous donors and volunteers, here are searchable PDF and scan-based text versions of the documents.

In all the disclosure documents, you may want to include this neat little trick.

To do a specific Google search for key terms in the documents, use the following search logic. If you are interested in searching for the word “vapour”, try it this way.


You increase your false positives but decrease your false negatives by using a word or phrase fragment becauseĀ our conversion systems are imperfect.

You can be even more specific by identifying the full path to the exact document you want Google to search for you.

Please share your comments, observations, and findings. Please contribute to an acronym guide that can help other readers by identifying repeated acronyms you have difficulty with.


  1. Just a few suggestions on searching “key words” in these documents. This is not intended to be a complete or extended list so I would invite others to add to it as more discoveries are made. It is unfortunate that so many acronyms are used but some of them eg: IO (Infrastructure Ontario) will not help in any search as the “io” search will produce endless false positives. Others like NRR will lead you to helpful info though so choose as it suits.

    Some of the key words that I have used and may help you find pertinent material are:

    vapour–used as a code word for certain privleged material
    apple–another code word
    Livingston–the former CEO of Infrastructure Ontario and McGuinty’s chief of staff appointed in May 2012 and took over the arbitration role
    Morley–McGuinty’s former chief of staff
    Duguid–former Energy Minister
    Smitherman–former Energy Minister who issued the directive that lead to the TCE gas plant contract
    NRR–net revenue requirement that gas generators are paid for NOT PRODUCING
    Bentley–curren Minister of Energy
    arbitration–relates to the process that TCE/OPA were trying to resolve their differences
    Macquarie–an investment bank that may have been offering advice to OPA or other government entities
    Infrastructure Ontario

  2. More key words to use in your search:

    Dermot or Muir–he is/was the head of legal in Infrastructure Ontario
    Andrew or Lin–also with legal in Infrastructure Ontario
    infrastructureontario–use together to find e-mail messages from all in IO
    Rick Jennings–Deputy Minister in MEI
    Colin Andersen—CEO of the Ontario Power Authority
    Sean or Mullin–he was/is in the Premier’s Office
    Steeve or Jamison–he was in the Premier’s Office (NB:The spelling of his name is correct)
    4.3(c)(ii)(A)–this is a reference to a clause in an agreement that was supposed to disclose the claimed TransCanada costs to negotiate settlement but I can’t find them so far.

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  4. Add: Confidential Advice to Cabinet in your search and
    Ben Chin (former Liberal candidate for Toronto Danforth appointed as VP Communications to the OPA by the Liberals after losing to Peter Tabuns, Energy Critic, NDP

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