Gas Busters Part 82: Appeal of Livingston Conviction and Sentence Filed

Everyone watching the Ontario Liberal gas plant scandal criminal trial knew it was coming, but the appeal, filed about four hours after the sentence, did arrive quickly. Livingston’s appeal, which is posted below, seems to me to be so weak that I wonder if the lawyers are selling a whiff of hope to their client …

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Gas Busters Part 79: Whatever Happened to McGuinty’s Key Gas Scandlers?

Tomorrow is the sentencing day for former Premier McGuinty’s last chief of staff, David Livingston. I’ll be reporting here on what happens. While we’re all waiting for Judge Lipson’s sentence, another question is where are the other key gas scandlers now?

Gas Busters Part 78: Watching Livingston’s Sentencing Hearing

Today began the sentencing hearing for former Premier McGuinty’s chief of staff David Livingston. Livingston’s defence team presented 27 character witness statements. About half of those witnesses appeared in person, and several of those stayed the entire long day of the hearing. One travelled from Vancouver to appear. And what a parade of notables!

Ontario Gas Scandal Doppelgänger

On Monday, a NAFTA arbitration panel will start oral hearings in Toronto arising from a dispute between the Delaware-incorporated renewable power developer, Windstream Energy, and the Government of Canada (notice how awkward it is for the public to attend). At stake is Windstream’s claim for damages of $475 million plus interest and costs over an …

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Gas Busters Part 75: McGuinty Exonerated

The news and commentary circulating about criminal charges against former Premier McGuinty’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff emphasize that McGuinty has not been charged and is not under investigation by the OPP. In considering McGuinty’s success in skating away from his involvement in the gas plant scandal, remember this passage of his …

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