Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 81: Summary of Tweets on Toronto Hydro

What follows is a summary of my tweets and retweets on the subject of Toronto Hydro. The time period reported here extends back to the the release of a key Ontario Energy Board decision issued January 5, 2012 related to one of the utility’s rate increase proposals. The presentation is in reverse chronological order and is not complete but has been edited down for brevity. Hopefully, this post might assist those seeking a summary of developments in the ongoing Toronto Hydro soap opera over the past almost 18 months. Some of the tweets are excerpts of twitter conversations, so it might be useful to search particular tweets if you want to see the context.

This post is included in the category created for the 4th anniversary of this site. Throughout the series of 4th anniversary posts, I am attempting to provide summary posts that thread together some of the themes that have developed on the site over time.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy24 May
Which servant of Toronto’s citizens has more credibility? Rob Ford or Anthony Haines?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy22 May
New one on the list of folks who block me on Twitter: @TorontoHydro

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy14 May
After CEO Haines caught issuing phoney CVs to Ontario Energy Board, Toronto Hydro and Haines issue legal threat. http://shar.es/ZHPzO

Jim RichardsShowgram “@JIMrichards101014 May
EXCLUSIVE: CEO of Toronto Hydro accused of lying on his resume. @tomadamsenergy joins us next. SHOWGRAM.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy9 May
How long before the Canadian Electrical Association dumps the liar Anthony Haines?
http://www.electricity.ca/about-cea/cea-board-of-directors.php “¦ #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy7 May
@tomadamsenergy Where is the CV for CEO Anthony Haines on the Toronto Hydro web site? http://www.torontohydro.com/sites/corporate/AboutUs/Pages/ManagementTeam.aspx “¦ #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy6 May
Toronto Hydro CEO Haines fraudulently claimed academic credentials. Plea to Ryerson: reconsider honorary Dr. http://shar.es/lxCiF #darkto

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy14 Apr
Toronto Hydro admits Thorncliffe Park blackout not caused by “aging infrastructure” as it previously claimed. http://shar.es/J2MrP #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Apr
Thorncliffe black out town hall, Toronto Hydro says only six people read https://www.tomadamsenergy.com #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Apr
Thorncliffe black town hall, Toronto Hydro refuses to release presentation slides and outage cause report #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Apr
Thorncliffe black town hall, Toronto Hydro acknowledges failed equipment “within its life span” #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy12 Apr
Toronto Hydro’s offer of hush money to the victims of its deliberate Thorncliffe Park blackout. http://shar.es/JHdb0 #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy11 Apr
Summary of the backstory behind Toronto’s Thorncliffe Park blackout March 8-10: http://shar.es/JXqhc #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy2 Apr
@northernck TorStar omitted $1.7M firing bonus for Toronto Hydro’s CEO and the utility’s outages-are-assets strategy. https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2013/03/29/ontario-electricity-regulation-crisis-report-part-59-payday-at-tonys-hydro/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy29 Mar
@bouchecl Big diff. between Vandal vs. Haines is that Vandal is trying to keep the lights on. Haines, not so much. https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2013/03/12/ontario-electricity-regulation-crisis-report-part-57-toronto-hydros-negligence-for-thorncliffe-park-blackout/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy25 Mar
We will know soon if Toronto Hydro ratepayers paid CEO, Anthony Haines, over $1 million in 2012. http://shar.es/dnsjy #darkto

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy12 Mar
@peterstwit77 Toronto Hydro has already implemented a round of staff cuts. Now 1 Chief for every 2 Indians.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy12 Mar
Toronto Hydro’s negligence for Thorncliffe Park blackout http://shar.es/ef8Qw

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy22 Feb
@TorontoHydro @CUE_UrbanEnergy CUE sensored my comment on this vid. Students: Careful so your ed doesn’t get diverted by these corp agendas.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy22 Jan
@TorontoHydro @TorontoStar Double whammy for consumers. $$$$ batteries solving problems created by careless contracting for $$$$ power.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy20 Jan
@TorontoHydro Is #darkto doing planned goslow storm restoration to boost regulatory claims for higher rates again? https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2012/11/15/ontario-electricity-regulation-crisis-report-part-55-perfect-storm/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy18 Dec
@Norsunenergy @energyontario Unlike TH, a private utility in Ont. wouldn’t black out customers as a regulatory strategy https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2012/11/15/ontario-electricity-regulation-crisis-report-part-55-perfect-storm/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy18 Dec
@energyontario The report fails to justify its decision to treat Toronto Hydro as if it is unique. TH’s uniqueness is self-inflicted.
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Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy29 Nov
@JoshColle Mr. Colle, Do you support Toronto Hydro’s decision to not have extra line crews on duty when Sandy hit? #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy7 Nov
Having used deliberately slow Sandy recovery to pressure for higher rates, Toronto Hydro now sends crews to help NYC http://cnw.ca/ll9i9

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy2 Nov
@RepJoeCourtney Toronto Hydro is too embarrassed to send any crews. TH ordered crews home as Sandy Lite hit, leaving customers in the dark.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy31 Oct
Spears (Toronto Star) rips off my research again, no acknowledgement “Why TO Hydro waited to declare a storm emergency” http://bit.ly/Uixwvt

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy31 Oct
@TorontoHydro Any other utility in the path of Sandy that didn’t have extra trouble crews and repair staff on duty, did no night repairs?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy31 Oct
@TorontoHydro Please confirm that Toronto Hydro had only 6 routine trouble crews active and no repair crews active when the storm arrived.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy31 Oct
@Kyle_Rees_ @TorontoHydro OEB chair switched jobs from Hydro Ottawa and TH’s new Reg. VP switched jobs from OEB. Conflict of interest.
Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy30 Oct
Toronto Hydro did not have full storm crews on duty when Hurricane Sandy arrived. http://shar.es/cIEqW #darkTO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy27 Oct
@TorontoHydro I bet Toronto Hydro’s fully allocated cost per tweet is $100s, all paid by ratepayers. Expensive pet nanny.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy15 Oct
Tomorrow, will Toronto City Council rein in rogue CEO Haines? Toronto Hydro, the highest cost urban utility in Ontario. http://shar.es/5PnhN

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy28 Sep
@TorontoHydro Toronto Hydro exec. bonuses geared to spending capital $, not spending needed capital $. Some replaced poles were fine.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy27 Sep
@TorontoHydro How much did your conservation programs cost ratepayers last year? (Don’t forget to include your lost revenue adjustments.)

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy9 Sep
@TorontoHydro Notice official Ontario’s doesn’t advertise its enthusiasm for battery powered road vehicles in winter. http://physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/2012/08/battery-performance-deficit-disorder/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy11 Jul
Rampant increases in CEO compensation at Toronto Hydro finally getting attention, next issue will be failing profits. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/07/10/lindsay-luby-angry-at-toronto-hydro-wage-increases “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy25 Jun
Toronto Hydro — monopoly, highest rates of major urban Ont. utility, steady sting of profits — suddenly in the red. http://tinyurl.com/6q7q5m2

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy17 May 12
Update on #TorontoHydro’s new rate filing: http://tinyurl.com/7v5gdsz

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy3 Apr 12
Credit to CTV news for reporting on Toronto Hydro’s capital needs without depending solely on utility. http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120402/condos-merit-rate-hike-120402/20120402/?hub=TorontoNewHome “¦ via @CTVToronto

@robertwakulat Here is a summary of events from Jan 5-31 at #TorontoHydro showing the damage caused by CEO Tony Haines: http://wp.me/p12X4H-tk

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy23 Feb 12
Admin access to https://www.tomadamsenergy.com appears to have been hacked. If the site goes down, I’ll bring it back on a new URL.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy16 Feb 12
More on unplanned downsizing at Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro): https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/?p=1951

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy16 Feb 12
Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro) cranks up unplanned downsizing, 450 staffers getting chopped this aft: http://wp.me/p12X4H-vh

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Feb 12
Weakened OEB needs strengthening to fix mess at Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro) http://shar.es/fTvUO

Jay Shepherd “@ataraxia129 Feb 12
In 2006 Anthony Haines promoted a 10 year renewal plan of $1.2 billion: http://www.torontohydro.com/sites/corporate/InvestorRelations/ManagementTeam/Pages/AnthonyMHaines.aspx “¦ Now it is $6 billion.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy8 Feb 12
More on ratepayer and taxpayer Impacts of management’s hissy fit at Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro)

Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 30: Ratepayer/Taxpayer Impacts of Management’s Hissy Fit at Tony’s Hydro (Formerly Toronto Hydro)

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy3 Feb 12
Summary of appearance last night on Lang&O’Leary discussing #TorontoHydro http://wp.me/p12X4H-tW

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy1 Feb 12
Under CEO Anthony Haines at Toronto Hydro, outages are an assets, darkness aids his campaign for higher rates:
http://www.torontohydro.com/sites/corporate/LearnMore/Pages/FactsandFigures.aspx “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy31 Jan 12
Toronto Hydro issues online blueprint for blackouts with map of neighbourhoods most prone to outages: http://bit.ly/xZ7PGf

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy28 Jan 12
Is it lights out for Toronto’s electrical grid http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/is-it-lights-out-for-torontos-electrical-grid/article2317963/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy28 Jan 12
Matt Gurney: Toronto Hydro bosses “” Our service is awful. Thanks for the bonus http://natpo.st/ycXjrp via @fullcomment

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy28 Jan 12
Toronto Hydro CEO costs less to employ than to fire | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun http://www.torontosun.com/2012/01/26/toronto-hydro-ceo-costs-less-to-employ-than-to-fire “¦

Marshall Leslie “@MarshallLeslie27 Jan 12
Today’s front pg of #Toronto Star @TorontoStar plagiarizes work by 1 of my fave #energy bloggers @tomadamsenergy @topoli

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy26 Jan 12
Tony’s Hydro (Formerly #TorontoHydro) Paid Exec. Bonuses While Failing to Meet Reliability Standards http://shar.es/fWnW3

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy26 Jan 12
#TorontoHydro is blocking https://www.tomadamsenergy.com

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy25 Jan 12
At Tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro), the gravy train has heated leather seats and a great stereo. http://wp.me/p12X4H-ri

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy25 Jan 12
At Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro) outages are an asset. http://wp.me/p12X4H-re

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy23 Jan 12
@tomadamsenergy Lawyer Robert Warren for the Consumers Council of Canada does a great job on CRFB explaining the Toronto Hydro hissy fit.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy21 Jan 12
At government-owned Tony’s Hydro (formerly #TorontoHydro) ratepayers clean the chairman’s teeth. http://wp.me/p12X4H-qW
Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy21 Jan 12
Check out the snow machine at Tony’s Hydro (Formerly #TorontoHydro) spinning on rate history: http://wp.me/p12X4H-qF

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy21 Jan 12
Letter to TheStar from Toronto Hydro workers: Exec. heads must roll http://bit.ly/xxg08M via @TorontoStar

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy19 Jan 12
Ont. Electric. Regulat’n Crisis Report ““ Part 18: Chairman of Tony’s Hydro (Formerly #TorontoHydro) Backs Attack on OEB

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy18 Jan 12
Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 17: Tony’s Hydro (Formerly Toronto Hydro) Message to Staff Today http://wp.me/p12X4H-qi

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy16 Jan 12
Tony’s Hydro (formerly @TorontoHydro) gets caught lying, seeks to negotiate: bit.ly/yM1Oil

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy16 Jan 12
Tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro) is using this latest OPA decision as yet another marketing platform for its out”¦ http://disq.us/50edvm

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy15 Jan 12
Hey, Toronto Hydro Board of Directors, fire your CEO Anthony Haines at your emergency meeting tomorrow. http://wp.me/p12X4H-p7

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy15 Jan 12
Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 12: Open Letter to Electrical Distributors Association Directors http://wp.me/p12X4H-pr

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Jan 12
OEB sets the record straight with @TorontoHydro http://www.ontarioenergyboard.ca/OEB/_Documents/2012EDR/Letter_OEB-Chair-to-Toronto-Hydro_20120113.pdf “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Jan 12
Important, informed analysis of Toronto Hydro’s self-inflicted crisis — read carefully the comments of “Santers” http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/01/12/toronto-hydros-pr-plan-give-us-cash-or-we-fire-everyone-and-the-city-goes-dark/ “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Jan 12
Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part Three: Graphic showing Toronto Hydro’s non-credible capital plans http://wp.me/p12X4H-o9

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy13 Jan 12
Toronto Hydro’s management crisis is self-inflicted: http://bit.ly/zzMhT0

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy12 Jan 12
Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part Two @ElectricalDistributorsAssociation @EDA http://wp.me/p12X4H-nY

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy12 Jan 12
Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report – Part One @TorontoHydro http://wp.me/p12X4H-nO

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy11 Jan 12
Podcast of today’s CBC interview re. @TorontoHydro layoffs http://www.cbc.ca/video/news/audioplayer.html?clipid=2185981177 “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy11 Jan 12
On Goldhawk Fights Back AM 740 – Zoomer Radio at 12:15 today discussing Toronto Hydro’s staff cuts.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy10 Jan 12
Call in, Goldhawk tonight at 9 on Rogers Cable re. state of @TorontoHydro infrastructure and OEB rate decision. TH refused to send a rep.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy10 Jan 12
Toronto Hydro’s application would see the distribution component of residential rates rise by about 39% over 3 years.”¦ http://disq.us/4xft1g

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy7 Jan 12
@Go2CleanBreak Check out Toronto Hydro’s capital budgets from a couple of years ago before accusing the OEB of not caring for the long term.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy6 Jan 12
@OntarioSEA Toronto Hydro is one of Ontario’s least efficient utilities. Credit the OEB for demanding that TH play by the rules.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy6 Jan 12
Toronto Hydro declares war on OEB, fires a volley of exaggeration. See http://cnw.ca/hm6xI from #CNW