Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 93: Toronto Hydro’s Perjuring Prez Celebrating 7 Yr Anniversary

Uncorking frothing bottles of whitewash, Toronto Hydro’s perjuring president and CEO Anthony Haines will celebrate his 7th year in the big chair at the city-own utility tomorrow.

Haines’ main backer is the current chair of the utility’s board, David Williams. Williams has been threatening litigation against me and defending the CEO’s long standing and carefully crafted credentials scam since I started documenting the perjury starting in May 2013.

Under the leadership of Haines, Williams, and William’s predecessor Clare Copeland, not telling the truth has become a core value at Toronto Hydro.

The utility routinely leaves consumers unnecessarily blacked out to further its regulatory strategy. Once the customers are physically in the dark, the utility routinely provides the public with inaccurate and misleading information about power outages sometimes affecting tens of thousands of customers at a time. Once I outed the utility’s deceitful claim that the Thorncliffe Park blackout of March 2013 was caused by “aging infrastructure”, the utility’s response was to offer hush money to blacked out customers as documented in Part 66. The utility has even directly threatened public safety, as discussed in Part 1 of this series.

The backers of Haines extend well beyond Williams and include:

– All the members of the Canadian Electrical Association who made him that organization’s current Chairman.
– All the members of the Ontario Electrical Distributor Association as discussed in Part 2 and Part 12.
– The 15 City Councillors listed in Part 88 who voted against the July 2013 motion of Councillor Joe Mihevc ordering the Chair of Toronto Hydro to report on the Haines phoney CV issue.
– Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University, who is still poised to elevate Phoney Tony to Dr. Haines, as discussed in Part 68, Part 80 and as reported in the Toronto Star on Saturday (Toronto Hydro “donated” $2.5 million from ratepayers to Ryerson).
– All the directors of Toronto Hydro except Gloria Lindsay Luby and Shelley Carroll (although Carroll is nowhere on the public record as having voted against the 2012 raise+superbonus+pension Haines hauled in).
– Most of the top execs at Toronto Hydro.

As it is currently governed, Toronto Hydro is a direct and immediate threat to the public interests of Toronto citizens.

Resolution of the governance crisis at Toronto Hydro will depend heavily on Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby, a member of the utility’s board of directors. Councillor Luby has a strong background in corporate governance. She has held a senior position at the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and has had a prominent career in business, including a directorship at a large industrial firm. She is the only member of the current Board who has taken a leadership position against Anthony Haines, as discussed in Part 48.

Stating the obvious, the scale and scope of the factual documentation of wrong doing by Haines assembled over the course of this series has been insufficient cleanser to eliminate the stink surrounding Toronto Hydro. More public pressure appears to be necessary.


  1. On or about July 15, 2013 Toronto Hydro posted evidence from EB 2010-0142 listing Mr. Haines Curriculum Vitae as Exhibit A1. In Mr. Haines’ Toronto Hydro CV he claims to have acted as “Chief Accountant (1985-1988) for ICG Resources Ltd”. How could Mr. Haines, who is not qualified to act as an accountant, claim to have acted as ICG’s Chief Accountant?

    Mr. Haines’ above noted misrepresentation amounts to criminal perjury given the fact that Mr. Haines’ Toronto Hydro CV appears to have been entered into evidence before a tribunal or judicial proceeding.

    Toronto Hydro Board Chair – Mr. David Williams – might have been able to turn a blind eye had Mr. Haines simply made one factual misrepresentation, however, public records unearthed by Mr. Adams leave no doubt that Mr. Haines has been giving false testimony and claiming academic credentials he never earned dating back to 1992 when he first appeared as an “expert witness” in judicial proceedings before the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

    In the past Mr. Haines/Toronto Hydro have silenced critics by spending substantial amounts of public tax dollars on private detectives from Navigant Consulting Ltd. In this case, the cat is out of the bag and on the internet, Navigant’s efforts to silence media critics are certain to backfire.

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