Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 92: Guest Post Calls on Councillors to Clean Up Toronto Hydro

The attached letter was delivered this morning by Dervish Arben Mitrovica, a Toronto resident, to all of Toronto’s city councillors. The letter forcefully calls upon the councillors to clean up the governance mess at Toronto Hydro and to uphold the utility’s Code of Conduct.

Mr. Mitrovica emphasises that CEO Anthony Haines should be fired for being ethical unfit and not awarded with severance pay.

Here is Mr. Mitrovica’s letter: Councillor Janet Davis KB


  1. This letter takes this conversation to a much higher level now.
    Who are supporting Haines? What credentials do these supporters have and are they legitimate?
    Why would Toronto City Hall be welcoming any affiliation with Haines when he is showing Torontonians that he has basically misrepresented himself by admitting his credentials were a “mistake”.
    One can’t call offering up “bogus credentials” to qualify for a million dollar a year job a “mistake”. It is a blatant attempt to obtain employment through a “bogus claim”!
    This is unacceptable when public dollars are being used for this man and his “supporter’s” pay cheques!

    • Dear Big Green Lie,

      You ask who is supporting Haines?

      Here are some of his backers:
      – All the members of the Canadian Electrical Association who made him Chairman.
      – All the members of the Ontario Electrical Distributor Association as discussed in Part 2 and Part 12.
      – The 15 City Councillors listed in Part 88 who voted against the motion of Councillor Joe Mihevc ordering the Chair of Toronto Hydro to report on the Haines phoney CV issue.
      – Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University, who is still poised to elevate Tony to Dr. Haines, as discussed in Parts 68 and 80 and as reported in the Toronto Star on Saturday.
      – All the directors of Toronto Hydro except Gloria Lindsay Luby and Shelley Carroll (although Carroll is nowhere on the public record as having voted against the 2012 super-bonus Haines hauled in).
      – Most of the top execs at Toronto Hydro.


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