Gas Busters Part 57: Complete Affidavit to Update Part 53, Official Peak-a-boo In Action

In Part 53 of this series, I provided the government’s official response to one of my FOI appeals, an appeal focused on information then Premier McGuinty had about the gas plant issues through much of 2012. When that posting was loaded, I did not have access to the complete affidavit attachment included in the government’s response.

Here is that complete affidavit. Appendix A- affidavit of Jamie Forrest

Notice in paragraphs 19 and 21 how the non-political staff of the Ontario government plays peak-a-boo with email records. It is only because of the continued pressure from the Justice Policy Committee that the public is gaining access to information previously denied in response to my request. Had it not been for the accident of electoral politics that delivered a minority government in the 2011 election, McGuinty’s gas plant cover-up would have succeeded. Ontario’s freedom of information and official records archiving legislation would have proved to be insufficient tools to force disclosure of the real story behind the gas plant decisions had it not been for the Justice Policy Committee.