Gas Busters Part 53: Laura Miller’s Role in McGuinty’s Gas Plant Cover-up

The attached document is the Wynne government’s latest stonewall put up against my efforts to learn through Freedom of Information searches what McGuinty knew about the gas scandal and when.

The FIPPA application I am appealing is the one where the Premier’s Office claims that they only have 88 pages of docs (almost all PR fluff, correspondence from outraged constituents, and media scans) from the period Jan 1, 2012 through Oct. 1, 2012 on the gas plants. I have previously posted that miserable little collection of 88 pages.

The gov’t’s submissions in the FIPPA appeal includes an affidavit and a legal submission from Counsel to Cabinet Office claiming that David Livingston, Laura Miller, and Dave Gene (among others) looked for the gas plant documents I specified and all they could find is that miserable little collection of 88 pages. They would have us believe that with hundreds of millions of public dollars on the line, a contempt proceeding raging in the Legislature, and with the Premier directly in charge, his office was not aware of any substantive issues.

At almost the same day the government was filing its stonewall against my appeal, the Justice Committee forced the release of approximately 30,000 pages of new documents. Those documents are still embargoed in confidentiality appeals by the government members of the Justice Committee. There is some chance the Committee will be able to overcome this latest obstructionism at their meeting on Tuesday August 6.

A few pages of this vast new library of material was released by the PCs earlier this week, as reported in part 52 of this series. This new release contains documents, all from September 2012, with the participation of Laura Miller, David Livingston, and John Brodhead. In those new documents, these people are directly involved in organizing the pressurization of Dave Levac, the Speaker of the Legislature. We know from his testimony that Livingston was one of McGuinty’s chief document destroyers.

Note also the likely involvement of John Fraser, the new Liberal member for Ottawa South. His first official duty at Queen’s Park should be answering questions before the Justice Committee on his role in the cover-up.

How is it that Laura Miller participated in a search for the documents I requested but failed to discover any documents that we now know she authored?

Refer to paragraph 17 of the lawyer’s letter in the government’s appeal response. Was Miller one of the people who reported in writing that no records had been obtained in her search?

Government Response to FOI Appeal Seeking Premier’s Office Documents

(This post is incomplete. Given Miller’s impending appearance before Committee, I wanted to make this important new evidence of evil available to my readers. A more thorough discussion will be posted here as quickly as I am able.)


  1. Are you a drama queen or what….omg….presence of evil? have you ever worked in the premier’s office? I haven’t nor would I want to. Given the vast amount of documentation they would see, the variety of critical issues, it wouldn’t surprise me they couldn’t find “what you wanted” “when you wanted it”. to call ms miller and other individuals the presence of evil is bullying in the nth degree. I’m a citizen of Ontario and have vote for the candidate not the party, and have voted in prov/fed for every party at least once……and I thoroughly dislike the bullying attitude of those who think they can discern the whole meaning of a topic by a one or two line email…generally only the sender/receiver know what is meant. To disparage the speaker of the house by believing him to be bullied (there’s that b word again), is disgusting, and from what I’ve read through various outlets that is what the PCs and NDP are implying. To disparage these individuals by your assumptions to me would be libel….evil…that’s what YOUR spewing.

  2. There are so many layers of deceit and inconsistencies in this Gas Plant scandal by the Liberal Government that all it will take is one single lie to be proven and this whole mess will spill out into the light of day like a dam bursting!
    Laura Miller and the rest who had the audacity to pressure the Speaker of the House to shut down this inquiry should be sharpening their pencils to “tune up” their resumes for new jobs!
    Hopefully they try and do a “job search in the Private Sector” where they will find out very quickly that if you’re caught lying or cheating or stealing, you are immediately thrown out onto the street without a hope in H E double hockey sticks of getting a job anywhere else. That’s called the REAL world, not this disgusting ensemble of publicly funded miscreants!
    Keep up the great work Tom…………….it only takes one honest person to bring down a multitude of dishonest scoundrels!

  3. Interesting, you only leave up comments which support YOUR interpretation/view. I’d say you’re not unbiased, you prejudge, and you’re trying to “pressure and influence” anyone who reads you. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black here. Shame. Hypocrisy don’t you think?

    • I have tried to contact this person to invite them to submit an outline of a guest post on any subject that would be of broad interest to the readers visiting this site. However, the email provided with the post bounces back.

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  5. I presume that this is the Laura Miller with a BA in History and Political Science and who graduated from Western in 2002 and earned $147,000 in 2012 working for the Premier. Sure pays better then 99.9% of other BA graduates. Wonder what the Political Science teachings at Western consist of? Ethics must not be a part of the teachings

  6. how can people still keep voting liberal after all of this? are you nuts or is it possible you cannot read? or is it possible you only get your news from the CBC which seems to LOVE liberals. why dont we get rid of that billion dollar completely useless tax payer sucking org??

  7. Can anyone tell me why it is the people of Ontario can’t proceed with a class action suit filed against the Liberal Party of Ontario? I’ve come to the conclusion there must be three kinds of individuals that live in downtown Toronto.
    #1 Too much money and waste is of zero concern.
    #2 Actually “work” for the Ontario Public Service “Queens Park” So have a vested “selfish” interest.
    #3 Too stupid to read, listen, comprehend much of anything, totally disinterested in “Politics”
    Now if you people could simply stay in your twenty square foot five hundred thousand dollar condo come election time the rest of Ontario can get you folks out of the massive debt. Or we can impdode its up to you.

  8. Ron … *If* (or perhaps better, when) the OPP identify that staffers paid by the Liberal Party of Ontario accessed and deleted government data relating to the plant, then citizens will have the basis for a class action suit against the Liberals for manipulating a government minister to conduction actions that would knowingly place a financial burden on taxpayers, only to save seats during a too-close-to-call election.

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