Gas Busters Part 56: 1300 Newly Released Emails

The Globe and Mail’s Karen Howlett a presented very helpful story on Saturday August 10 reporting on information contained in several of the emails excerpted from files containing approximately 1,300 emails. These 1,300 emails are a portion of a much larger library of new information released by the Wynne government to the Justice Policy Committee of the Legislature. The Justice Policy Committee has been debating for many weeks the details of releasing additional information. The Liberal members are pressing issues of confidentiality of some of the contents of the larger library.

Here is the entire collection.

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Readers, particularly those without fast download speeds, may wish to note the file sizes.

Gene: 11 MB
Miller: 614.1 MB
Brodhead: 352 MB
Livingston: 1.4 MB
Wynne: 29.9 MB
GP Search1: 305 KB
GP Search2: 33KB


MGS_Box 2_P1_Gene_190713-OCR

MGS_Box 3_P1_Miller_190713-OCR

MGS_Box 4_P1_Brodhead_190713-OCR

MGS_Box 6_P1_MacLennan_190713-OCR

MGS_Box 7_P1_MacLennan_190713-OCR



MGS_P1_GP Search1_260713_OCR

MGS_P1_GP Search2_260713_OCR

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  1. Rats. Since Craig MacLennan’s Box 7 delivered its welcomed load to us, there have been no additional info-gifts for our local opposition to the deceit, local taxpayer exploitation, lies and discrimination that have darkened life in Marmora for over 2 years.

    How tell-tale that there has remained absolutely no publicly-visible opposition from a single public official in Ontario, to this huge scandal under advanced development and of a potentially much darker outcome.

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