Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 39: Tony’s Hydro PR = Toronto Star Headlines

As part of its outages-are-assets campaign, Tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro) is continuing its push to blame external forces for all the utility’s problems. Like it did with its recent article branding commonly used oil-filled transformer technology as dinosaurs, the Toronto Star has returned to the utility’s propaganda effort, this time on the subject of property insurance.

Toronto Star’s Journalistic Integrity

Today’s front page story in the Toronto Star directly rips off research from this web site without attribution. While I am heartened that the Star considers the work presented here as worthy of attention, I am disappointed that the Star does not recognize the legitimacy of my work and my intellectual property by acknowledging their …

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Toronto Star Congratulates Itself for Breaking Electricity Rebate Story Late (Again)

Readers of this blog will know that a story appeared here on the morning of November 11th breaking the story of the Ontario government’s attempt to contain electricity rates. In today’s article, “Hydro cut the start of consumer relief: Liberals”, the Star’s Tanya Talaga and Robert Benzie, apparently in reference to a Star story that …

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Samsung Deal with McGuinty Resurfaces

On Jan 19th, Canadian Press broke the story that the long-mooted green energy deal between the Ontario government and a consortium of South Korean companies led by Samsung was expected to be announced by Premier Dalton McGuinty this week (Jan. 20-22/2010). The Toronto Star’s coverage Jan 21st continued to self-congratulate for breaking the original Samsung …

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