Hey Bob

Over the last two years, I have posed questions focused on Ontario electricity rate drivers to Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli on Twitter. Minister Chiarelli is an active Twitterer. He has yet to respond to any of these questions. Here’s a sampling of those questions.

Ontario Power Rates Headed for #1 by 2013

The Ontario Government’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) issued in the Fall of 2010 forecast that monthly residential costs would rise from $114/800kWh in 2010 to $167/800kWh in 2015 — a 46% nominal increase or a 33% inflation-adjusted increase.Here are examples of new cost pressures driving up rates that have developed since the LTEP was …

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Ontario’s Auditor General Snowed Again

In the year 2000, then provincial Auditor General Erik Peters issued his first report on matters related to Ontario’s power system. The former Ontario Hydro had always been exempt from the AG’s oversight. The vast complexity of the financial processes underpinning the power system proved too much for the newly electrified Peters. In a column …

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