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Over the last two years, I have posed questions focused on Ontario electricity rate drivers to Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli on Twitter. Minister Chiarelli is an active Twitterer. He has yet to respond to any of these questions. Here’s a sampling of those questions.

Among my themes, I have challenged Minister Chiarelli to defend his repeated claims that electricity exports are profitable and that conservation programs save consumers money. I have invited him to explain his plan to deal with the coming insolvency of Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation and to acknowledge the $1.7+ billion prepayment Ontario ratepayers have contributed to Bruce Power nuclear refurbishments. I have asked why he allows the Ontario Energy Board to operate out of compliance with the governance requirements of its own legislation and the consequences of the government’s Global Adjustment cost-shifting schemes. Several of my themes were finally answered by the provincial Auditor General in her report just before Christmas, including queries on the cost of power from new hydro-electric projects and biomass conversions of coal plants as well as the extent of export losses.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 11 Dec 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, ON consumers giving out free power (for NY and MI) + paying 4 power dumping today. Conservation saving us money, right?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 9 Dec 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, even this regulated power distributor thinks ur power plans make no sense. Will u debate them? http://www.notlhydro.com/news/index.php?a=65 “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 1 Dec 2015
Hey @bob_chiarelli, remember “starting in 2016 (rates) will be flat-lined very significantly”? http://windsorstar.com/business/approval-for-new-hydro-line-in-county-expected-soon-says-energy-minister “¦ What’s 2016 outlook?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Oct 28
Hey @bob_chiarelli, why did you approve another budget increase @OntEnergyBoard, 13% for next year?
http://www.ontarioenergyboard.ca/oeb/_Documents/Corporate/OEB_Business_Plan_2015-2018.pdf “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Oct 7
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, ur New Post Creek project will cost $10k/kW and generate almost nothing during peak demand seasons. Who can afford that?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Oct 5
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, have you noticed how many ways Ontario exporters with demand <3MW are getting screwed by your power rate increases?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Sep 24
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, w/ ur new power 2 bypass OEB’s “needs test” 4 new transmiss'n, r u queuing up big post-privatization rate increase @ H1?

Bob Chiarelli “@Bob_Chiarelli 16 Sep 2015
Reducing or eliminating diesel use in remote communities will make a real difference for people. This is a key priority. #OEA
Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 17 Sep 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, in 1987 Ontario Hydro installed a wind turbine at Fort Severn, Hudson Bay to displace remote diesel power. #notanewidea

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Sep 17
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, since u introduced Global Adjustm't cost shifting (@ expense of small users) how much has Class A diesel use increased?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Aug 14
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, today is ur day 2 recycle your junk theory that Mike Harris's dereg caused the Aug '03 blackout. http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/oeprod/DocumentsandMedia/BlackoutFinal-Web.pdf “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Jul 21
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, u say ON will get big juice from Lab without wires costs.
http://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/reevely-newfoundlands-push-to-sell-hydro-gives-ontario-options “¦ U notice existing wires r all booked?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Jul 2
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, how does it make sense to subsidize creating more power surplus + subsidize surplus disposal? http://blogs.windsorstar.com/business/approval-for-new-hydro-line-in-county-expected-soon-says-energy-minister “¦

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 26 May 2015
Hey @bob_chiarelli, can you introduce us to one (1) independent person who can present any reasoned case for selling @hydroone?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 17 May 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, in ur speech u said u will strengthen the @OntEnergyBoard. When will you comply with OEB Act s.4.1(6), s.4.2, s.4.16(5)?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy Apr 23
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, what will you call the new electricity tax you need to keep Ontario Electricity Financial Corp solvent?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 3 Apr 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, have you realized yet that even if you repeal s.50.3 of EA, OEFC tanks without H1+Debt Reduction Charge? #nowindfall ("EA" is a reference to the Electricity Act)

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 30 Mar 2015
Windy & low demand in ON today = more free power given away to NY, MI, PQ. http://reports.ieso.ca/public/IntertieScheduleFlow/PUB_IntertieScheduleFlow.xml “¦
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, where's the profit?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 27 Mar 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, what's your big plan 4 Debt Reduction Charge payable by commercial consumers? Have you noticed OEFC's solvency problem?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 4 Mar 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, got any data 2 support your claim that #smartgrid is providing benefits? How much has/will #smartgrid cost? @RyersonCUE

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 30 Jan 2015
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, what is the all-in cost of power from your forest-fired generators at Atikokan and Thunder Bay?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 11 Dec 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, your gov’t made almost all power cost fixed, unaffected by usage timing. Remind us why time of use pricing has value.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 12 Sep 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, ON consumers funded free power exports every day this week except Wed. Remind us what conservation is doing to rates.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 28 Jul 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, why is @OntEnergyBoard out of compliance with the OEB Act re. your MOU, Managm't Committee, COO? https://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2014/04/14/ontario-electricity-regulation-crisis-report-part-109-oops-oeb-breaks-the-law-again/ “¦

Tom Adams” @tomadamsenergy 25 Apr 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, ON exports at a loss, pays gens to not produce & you just ordered more gen contracts. How does conservation save money?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 15 Apr 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, once Thunder Bay GS is running on "advanced biomass" what will the power cost?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 9 Apr 2014
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, is it true that ON ratepayers prepaid Bruce Power's U3/U4 refurb to the tune of almost $1.7 billion and counting?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 5 Dec 2013
Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, you say ON power consumers need to be better educated. Educate us about the $6 billion profit on exports you claim. (Here is more about Chiarelli’s long record of misinformation about the export losses Ontario consumers are funding.)

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  1. Tom, Many of the questions posed to Bob were math related. I have been giving Minister Chiarelli remedial long range tutoring in basic math and tying it into the energy sector. If he does his homework he should be in a position to shortly respond to many of your questions. Let me know if he doesn’t respond by the end of the month as I will be delivering his results (pass or fail) early in February. At this point it’s not looking too good so I hope he bears down. The Legislature doesn’t sit again until mid February so he has lots of time to study and respond to your queries.

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