Quebec’s Takeover of New Brunswick Power – Commentary and References

Here is a commentary, published in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal newspaper, provides my analyst of the HQ/NB Power deal. PDF: deal-offers-nb-a-life-raft-commentary-on-hq-nbp-deal-october-30-2009

Here is the original from the Telegraph Journal site:

“Deal offers N.B. a life raft” by Tom Adams, for the Telegraph Journal

The attached news article from October 30th 2009 provides some of my analysis of NB Power’s challenges dating back to 1996.

“The prophet of darkness” by Brett Bundale, Telegraph-Journal

The attached news article from the Montreal Gazette provides a current summary of my views of NB Power’s problems.

“‘Crippled utility’ is sold: Ailing NB Power. Company has been ‘shooting itself in the foot for years'”, by John Morrissy, Canwest

The New Brunswick government’s website for the deal is here.

My speculation on the deal prior to its release, where I failed to appreciate the potential scope for rate reductions, is here. commentary-on-a-possible-takeover-of-nb-power-by-hydro-quebec1