Toronto Star Congratulates Itself for Breaking Samsung Deal 3 Days Late

Readers of this blog will know that a story appeared here September 24th detailing a secret negotiation between the McGuinty government and Samsung for special green energy subsidies.

In the article, “Samsung’s turbine deal in jeopardy: McGuinty stall plan after cabinet uproar”, the Star’s Tyler Hamilton and Robert Benzie claim that the deal was “first reported in the Star on Sept. 27.”

In the article “Premier hopeful for Samsung deal” November 1, the Star’s Tyler Hamilton and Robert Benzie claim that the Samsung deal was “first revealed by the Star”.


  1. Tom. when did the facts matter to these people? If they were interested in the truth, they would be asking serious questions about the viability and cost of this crusade for ‘green’ energy. This agenda is being pursued with almost a religious fervour, where scientific reality is suppressed in favour of a kind of environmental mysticism, complete with icons (wind turbines). The green mantra is constantly repeated by their media shills like a catechism. I doubt other Liberal cabinet ministers will be able to talk some sense into McGuinty and Smitherman. I wonder how many more billions will be added onto our debt with this Samsung deal?

  2. That was indeed quite the scoop Tom.

    Tyler, though, refuses to believe he was scooped, given his customary role of being the conduit for Big Environment. For sure, the guys at MEI know who broke the story. They were scrambling after your post. And they were probably the ones feeding Tyler his “scoop”.

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