Breaking News: Destruction of Bala Falls Underway

The destruction of public parks and heritage portage route around Bala Falls to make way for another useless green energy boondoggle is underway this morning. One member of the local community, Peggy Peterson, is occupying part of the park. Police are on-site. Attached are photos.

On Monday next week, a suit filed by the concerned citizen’s group, Save the Bala Falls, will be heard in court in Bracebridge. The Ontario government’s developer of the hydro-electric project at Bala Falls, Swift River Energy, appears to be trying to get a jump on the court action.


Among the images, the woman in the red coat facing the police officer is Peggy Peterson. Ms. Peterson has maintained an occupation of the site to protect it from destruction starting in September 2014.

Previous reports on the absurdity of destroying Bala Falls as a public park, by putting the Falls into a concrete box, have been discussed on this site here, here, here, and here.

Peggy’s Facebook page has additional photos of ongoing developments.

You can make a charitable donation to Save the Bala Falls here.


  1. I am so saddened that this is being allowed to happen. We don’t want it or need it. Do a solar project instead and leave this natural beauty alone!

  2. This is abhorrent. Please encourage readers to phone Premier Wynne’s office directly with the request to cancel this unneeded, dangerous, expensive project which is a disaster for Ontario. You can all her at: (416)-325-1941.

  3. Everyone is welcome to please call Premier Wynne: (416)-325-1941. Tell her to stop this project, please for the sake of all Ontarians.

  4. It’s an absolute disgrace what they did today, I still can’t believe it. Why, pray tell, were four police cruisers there? Why were they asking for bystanders names? Is this some form of intimidation? Swift River will sink this whole town.

  5. I contacted the Premier’s office, they noted my concern and discontent with Swift River’s senseless cutting of trees today and the need to Save Bala Falls. The person noted my concern and also suggested I contact Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy to let him know of my concern as well, since they are the Ministry responsible, she transferred me to them.

    I was then told to email my concern to the Ministry of Energy Correspondence Dept. at [email protected] . There is also an online submission form: which I used to submit my concern.

    • As a US citizen, I have no business expressing my deep concern to you – BUT because my grandfather, John W. Ungerman, constructed a cottage on Bala Bay in 1923 (with the encouragement of the then Ont. Government which was attempting to people the Muskoka area at the time) – I feel I MUST say to the ‘powers that be’ that my whole family feel your move will destroy a beautiful, natural place that we all have come to love and value . The US has been known to do heartless things for financial gain – please don’t emulate us in this.

  6. We all like the idea of green energy, but the destruction of this beautiful heritage site, which is the absolute heart of this small community is wrong on so many levels. I can’t express my outrage enough. Please put a stop to this project before it’s too late.

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