Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 118: Yet Another Award for Toronto Hydro’s CEO

Last night, the Ontario Energy Association conferred its “Leader of the Year” award upon Anthony Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro. Over the course of this series I have documented many events and actions where the actual performance of Mr. Haines contrasts starkly against his many awards and other special recognitions. The number and prominence of his awards and special recognitions is substantial.

This April, Mr. Haines received, a Chair’s Citation from the Electrical Distributor’s Association, in recognition of his “highly effective” public communication leadership during the December ice storm. I previously documented that the distinguishing feature of Mr. Haines’s public communication during the December ice storm was false signals about when service would be restored.

This July, Mr. Haines was recognized by the Energy Council of Canada with their Energy Person of the Year award. In my post reporting on this distinction, I noted that other organizations recently conferring awards, endorsements, prominent speaking opportunities, or other recognition on Mr. Haines include the Canadian Electrical Association where he is currently chairman, the Canadian Association of Members of Public Utilities Tribunals, the Ontario Energy Board, Ryerson University, and Toronto City Council.


  1. What’s not to admire as the highest paid public utility executive in Canada? The members of the OEA are jealous about his accomplishments, aka; paycheck.

    We need an award for scooping up the biggest bonus for “Massive capital spending that is not needed but it gives me a bigger pay check award”. My nominee is Tony!

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