Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 117: Circular Lobbying

The Ontario Energy Board regulates and approves the rates that Toronto Hydro charges its customers. According to the Ontario government’s Lobbyist Registry one of the activities those rates fund is an in-house lobbyist currently lobbying a list of Ontario government departments and agencies. The Registry indicates that one of the agencies that Toronto Hydro lobbies is the Ontario Energy Board.

The entire content of Toronto Hydro public relationship with the Ontario Energy Board is laser focused on jacking up rates. It seems likely that the regulatee’s lobbying of the regulator behind closed doors is similarly oriented.

No other electricity distributor in Ontario is identified in the current lobbyist registry as targeting the Ontario Energy Board, although several lobby other government departments and agencies.

Toronto Hydro is represented on the boards of directors of the Ontario Electrical Distributors Association and the Ontario Energy Association, both of which identify the Ontario Energy Board as a target of their lobbying activities.