Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 99: Cold Turkey

Don’t like your Christmas power bill? Eat cold food says Toronto Hydro.

Toronto Hydro is taking a page from Energy Minister Chiarelli’s playbook, who responds to customer complaining about their power bills by chastising them for being power hogs.

Toronto Hydro’s message that the little people shouldn’t expect hot food at Christmas was the direct responsibility of Blair Peberty. He made $345,269 in 2009, the most recent time that Peberty’s compensation package was disclosed by the utility.

Peberty’s boss is Anthony Haines. Last year, he made $935,501 before taking into account his special pension and retirement allowance gains.

Safe to say that Peberty and Haines don’t lack for hot food.

What about that claim that utilities need top salaries to attract top talent? Haines has been lying in sworn testimony to regulators about his credentials for over 20 years, claiming to have earned a university degree.


  1. I’d like to see Chiarelli and the CEO’s of Toronto Hydro take a little of their own advise as well….

    • Nice idea to poll to determine the damage that ice storms can do.
      When you think of all the power lines that will be required to connect up renewable energy projects and then look at what ice storms can do to power lines. Then think how long it would take to get those lines back in service and this is to say nothing of the costs of line repairs due to storm damage.

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