Oops, OPG Did It Again

OPG has discovered that consumers owe even more money, on top of the 30% increase requested in its most recent OEB payment amounts filing. Main reason”¦ think about the recent Auditor General’s report and then take a wild guess.

On December 6, OPG filed an updated exhibit N for its rates case EB-2013-0321. You can find the exhibit on the OEB site here.

The updated evidence moves several business parameters up and down, but the biggest single factor is a $146.2 million increase in pension and other post-employment benefits costs.

The monthly impact impact for the average household of all OPG’s changes is to increase what was to be a $5.36 per month increase up to now a proposed $5.94 per month hit.

One Comment

  1. The Ontario gov’s whipping boy will receive a few lashes with a wet noodle, get a much lower increase than requested, rates will rise not quite as outrageously as they would have otherwise, Bob Chiarelli will refer to this as “savings” and the stranded debt repayment will be pushed out a bit.

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