Gas Busters Part #14: New Search Capability

Here at, we are delighted to offer a new search engine, activated late on October 31. Using Google technology, you can now enter any text string and search this entire web site. This now allows you to quickly and comprehensively check all of the Gas Busters documents and all other content on this site with the click of a button.

The way it works for the McGuinty government’s gas disclosure documents presented as part of Gas Busters is that we provide two versions of the same section of the source document.  One is a searchable PDF and the other sister document, the TXT version. Google indexes the full text version and then, you the reader, can see if there is a hit.  Then you go into the PDF document, using the TXT version as you general guide and get to where you want to go in the PDF version. Once you have opened one of the searchable PDF documents, use the local search function within the page or (ctrl f).

Earlier today, in an interview reported by the Canadian Press, McGuinty downplayed the importance of gas disclosure documents by pointing out that little use of the documents has been made until now.

—- “You might ask yourself “” we’ve had 56,000 pages of documents available for a month now “” what has come of this,” McGuinty challenged reporters.
—- “Remember all the uproar about the documents?”

Making the gas disclosure documents available in a readily accessible form has been a difficult undertaking, relying largely on volunteers and funded only through donations. McGuinty engineered a snowstorm and the prorogation to keep you in the dark about the real story about the gas fiasco. For a while, the snowstorm was blinding but now you can see all the original material for yourself.

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