Green Energy Zombies

Green Energy Zombies is my presentation in Professor Desrochers GGR 333 class at University of Toronto October 2, 2012.

As I noted last year, students interested in energy issues today are invited to pay keen attention to energy industry demographics. Reports from the Canadian Electrical Association and many others highlight the need for new workers. Here is a useful source: New ideas are even more important.

The changes underway in Ontario’s power system are controversial, with strong views in support and in opposition. My intention is not to focus directly on what is going on — although my opinions will colour the presentation. Rather, my intention is to survey elements of the intellectual foundation for the power system transformation that seem to me a key pillars.

The Ontario provincial government’s electricity policy agenda has the backing of an army of silly but unkillable PR statements masquerading as serious analysis — green zombie reports.

Post Script: I develop the thesis of green energy zombies attacking reason in Part 11 of my Gas Busters series.


  1. Thank you Tom, for pointing out the glaring lies / omissions in Stensil’s so-called ‘analysis’.

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