Biologist Attacked by Industrial Wind Power Interests

Dr. Scott Petrie, Executive Director of Long Point Waterfowl, a prominent proponent of science-based wildlife conservation, and a leading critic of the Ontario government’s careless Green Energy Act, has been attacked by wind power interests. Dr. Petrie has been charged with hypocrisy on the grounds that this conservation advocate is also an avid hunter.

These wind power advocates, obviously ignorant of how wildlife populations are managed and hunting regulated in Ontario, ask, “Has anyone performed an environmental assessment of the slaughter of millions of birds by hunters such as Dr. Petrie?”
By personally attacking Dr. Petrie and the culture of responsible hunting he exemplifies, the wind industry is inadvertently revealing its vulnerability to growing public realization of the threat to wildlife posed by the massive expansion of wind power now underway around Ontario.
To the credit of anonymous author of the web site that attacked Petrie, the post includes a spirited exchange dominated by Petrie’s defenders.


  1. Speaking of wind:

    “A wind turbine manufacturer which received $2.7 million to open its doors in Windsor has shut down its local operation after only two years.

    “The closure of the WindTronics plant in the 600 block of Sprucewood Avenue leaves about 20 employees without a job.

    “But that number pales in comparison to the 200 jobs the Michigan-based company promised when it accepted a green energy grant from the provincial government.”

    Read more:

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