Denial-of-Service Attack on Defeated

This web site is now back in full service, having recovered from a denial-of-service (DOS) attack. It appears that the site was attacked by a variety of methods starting at around 8:30 pm on February 22 and culminating in a malware php file being inserted into the site database at around 1:30 am February 23. The malware was designed to prevent admin access. The file has been isolated and is now being examined. Admin access to the site has been restored. Additional details will be posted here as they become available. I urge other WordPress users to be careful with their back-ups and access procedures.

Post Script: There is an error in the note above. The infected file was not in the data base, but in the core WordPress files. Site traffic was exceptionally heavy at the time of the attack.

Here is a report on the infection. The guy who figured all this out is my brother Dave, who does site design/development and security consulting through DS Communications. He is a super cool guy. Hire him.


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  1. Not surprised. I get interesting phishig e-mails via twitter messages sending me a url to click on. Use complicated long passwords is best. Also disconnect or turn off your wifi periodically and when not using the computer.

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