Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 3: Toronto Hydro’s Chaotic Capital Planning

The attachment is a graphic produced by Toronto Hydro in response from an interrogatory from lawyer Jay Shepherd on behalf of the School Energy Coalition and filed in the case at the OEB where the OEB said enough is enough. What the picture on page two shows is the successive 10 year investment plans of Toronto Hydro. If we go back only a few years, Toronto Hydro’s experts thought that the city’s distribution infrastructure needed less than $150 million per year to stay in good condition. Now they are telling the public that public safety will be degraded because they only spent $380 million in 2011 and need way over $500 million per year for years into the future.

The information posted below demonstrates the benefits to ratepayers of having expert representatives working in public utility regulation directly for affected ratepayers.

I have in the past provided professional support for the School Energy Coalition, but not in the case where the posting below arose.

Toronto Hydro’s capital planning is chaotic and not credible. Management changes are required at the utility. The City of Toronto municipal council must bring the utility’s management under control immediately.

Toronto Hydro: Successive Capital Plans with 2011 update