Lecture to UTM Geography “Energy and Society”, GGR 333

The attached slides are slightly edited from those presented in Professor Desrochers’ class on November 28, 2011. Commentaries for most slides are provided. The comments on the slides follow generally the comments made during the lecture, although in some cases some ideas have been added. Some suggestions are included in the commentaries for further information resources or for more detailed explanations of the arguments presented.

While any and all comments and criticisms on this posting are welcome, I particularly invite Professor Desrochers’ students to fire away. Feedback on where the presentation is difficult to understand would be helpful. Of greater value would be well-framed debate on alternative perspectives or counter arguments.

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  1. Hi Mr.Adams,

    My name is Elizabeth Bang and I’m a student in GGR333. I just wanted to thank you for giving the talk. I thought it was very interesting and gave me a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector. I especially enjoyed your dissection of the Green Energy Act and how far along we’ve come from Sir Adam Beck’s vision! Thank you once again for attending our lecture :).


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