Earth Day 2011: Green Energy Good Intentions

This video addresses the careless train of thinking that has resulted in a situation where a large amount of Ontario’s power production is useless.

During Earth Day 2011, hundreds of megawatt hours of hydro-electric production appears to have been spilled at Niagara. In 2009, OPG reports that it spilled 0.6 TWh of hydro-electric production — enough power to supply the City of Branford.¬†For 2011 and 2012, OPG’s forecast presented to the OEB in May last year anticipated 0.5 TWh and 0.8 TWh of spilled hydro-electric production from generation facilities at Niagara in the respective years. Signficant amounts of nuclear production is spilled by Bruce Power as well. The IESO is currently negotiating the approach it will take for spilling wind power production in future.

Here is a podcast of a radio interview on 570 News addressing these issues. The show is was just after 9 am on April 27, 2011.

Here is McGuinty defending his buy high/sell low strategy.