Praise for OPG’s Decision to Forego Retubing Pickering B

Attached is a transcript of a brief interview with CH TV February 10, 2010 for the show “Live at 5:30” hosted by Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly. In the interview, I praise OPG’s decision to not retube Pickering B. I also question why Samsung does not show up on the Ontario government’s official lobbyist registry.

See PFD: transcript-of-appearance-on-chch-tv-feb-10-2010

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  1. Isn’t it frustrating when you ask a perfectly reasonable question and the government ignores you and thinks you will just go away? A Vestas wind turbine in Germany was recently hit by lightning and huge pieces of blade were thrown 150 metres away from the base. Now if that happened to the Vestas near our farm, 150 metres could easily put the pieces in the middle of a provincial highway, or onto a public golf course. Naturally, when we raised this point with the MOE before they were constructed, we were just NIMBYS.

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