Green Blackout: Toronto July 5th 2010 (National Post Column)

Careless environmental ideology was a root cause of the blackout that cut off power to tens of thousands of Toronto homes, businesses, and institutions for several hours during rush hour on Monday this week.

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Update on Solar Gold Rush

The National Post has carried a story July 7, 2010 indicating that a dim light is starting to glow in the mind of the McGuinty government  that some of their Green Energy Act ideas were actually insane and profoundly damaging to Ontario. Ontario government officials and agencies, together with the interest groups feeding off the …

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Home Invasion David Suzuki Style

The bill to create the Ontario Green Energy Act, when first introduced, would have empowered government agents to enter private homes to investigate energy and water usage. Many prominent environmental organizations endorsed the Act while it included raid provisions including the David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense, Greenpeace Canada, Pembina Institute, Friends of the Earth Canada, Sierra …

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