Gas Busters Part 79: Whatever Happened to McGuinty’s Key Gas Scandlers?

Tomorrow is the sentencing day for former Premier McGuinty’s last chief of staff, David Livingston. I’ll be reporting here on what happens. While we’re all waiting for Judge Lipson’s sentence, another question is where are the other key gas scandlers now?

Aside from David Livingston and Laura Miller, McGuinty’s gang relied on nine other key staffers during the gas scandal. These nine played direct roles in either screwing electricity ratepayers directly or covering up the gas scandal. You can find more details on these operatives in many posts in this series including Parts 46, 57, and 64.

Of those nine, one is in the private sector now, and one other recently left the extended Ontario public sector after being Exec Director at the Brick Works ($135k/yr). The other 7 are still in highly paid positions in the extended public service in Ontario. Over the last few years, the lowest pay in this group was $154K and the highest $301K — all taxpayer money all the time. I bet their pensions are awesome too. They are tapping into public cash mostly through lotteries, booze, gov’t think tanks, universities, the mostly faux university Ryerson, and healthcare.

Here’s more details:

Jamison Steeve, who worked with Sean Mullin to screw ratepayers in the TransCanada deal, now Executive Director of Martin Prosperity Institute and describes himself as a leading intellectual. Taxpayers paid him $174K in 2017 for his services.

Sean Mullin, Executive Director, Ryerson University, $181K in 2017.

Neala Barton, worked in McGoo’s Premier’s Office and signed off on an affidavit claiming to have no gas scandal documents during the key scandal period, $301K in 2015 with the PanAm Games, now Vice President at the Canadian Institute for Health Information, last year made $232K.

Craig MacLennan, found by the Ontario Information Commissioner in a 2012 report to be a deliberate lawbreaker, now Director Government and Stakeholder Relations, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, $145K in 2017.

Wendy McCann, another document scorcher for “central”, now Senior Director, Communications, Council of Ontario Universities Holding Association Inc., $173K in 2017.

Kevin Spafford, Director, Public Affairs at Rogers Communications.

John Brodhead, another McGoo document scorcher, last Ontario-taxpayer-funded-gig, Executive Director, Evergreen (they operate the Brick Works in the Don Valley), $135K in 2015.

Karim El Bardeesy, another McGoo document scorcher, now Special Advisor to the President, Ryerson University, $154K in 2017.

David Phillips, another McGoo document scorcher, now Director, Regulatory Intelligence and Innovation, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario $165K in 2017.

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  1. Unfortunately we don’t make’em do the Perp Walk before the TV cameras in Canada. We just recycle these clowns into cushy Crown corp PR, consulting, and gov’t funded think-tank jobs.

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