Top Website Posts, Tweets and Facebook Posts for 2017

Here is my annual review of this site and my two energy-related social media accounts. Like previous annual reports, this one is linked to the “About Tom” “category”. In February and March, this site was subject to at least one malware attack, inconveniencing readers and therefore messing with traffic results. I used Facebook, primarily as a refuge while this site was in the Emergency Ward, so I have also included my top 5 FB posts for the year.

#1, #2, #9 and #10 on this site in 2017 all relate to what I regard as the detestable government policies based on buy-now-pay-later electricity pricing scams. My most popular post of 2017 attacked Patrick Brown’s version of the scam and my second most popular post attacked Wynne’s version. #9 was the transcript of my testimony to the Ontario legislative committee considering the legislation empowering Wynne’s power rate fakery. #10 is my analysis of the legislation published in the scholarly administrative law journal, Energy Regulation Quarterly.

#3, #5 and #6 return to a longstanding theme of this site — the misery about to befall the people of Newfoundland and Labrador due to their green energy project, sometimes known as Muskrat False (although I prefer Muskat Madness). Guest author, energy utility finance expert Bernard Lahey penned #3, which includes some points of agreement and disagreement with my remarks in #5 on my concerns that Muskrat Madness will impair the sovereignty of NL. #6 is my plea to the federal government to mitigate the harm it has done to the people of NL by enabling the provincial government’s Muskrat Madness project with a federal loan guarantee. (Note that I posted a mea culpa postscript addressing an error I made in a constitutional interpretation.)

#4 is a piece that was posted in November 2016 benchmarking Ontario power rates against rates across Canada and the US.

#7 is another old post from 2016 reporting on the compensation and operational records of Tony’s Hydro’s almost-alway-dishonest CEO Tony Haines in 2015. This same post was #5 on last year’s list of greatest hits. I missed out on posting Haines’ 2017 record but will comment on it later this year.

#8 is another guest post, this time from engineer Mitchell Schnier addressing public safety risks arising from the destructive Bala Falls hydro-electric project now under construction in Muskoka.

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#1 (Apr 24) ON in 3rd day of wind power drought. When renewable energy charlatans claim batteries solve intermittency, ask what 3 days of storage costs.

#2 (Oct 16) Plea to federal gov’t: Mitigate the harm you have caused at Muskrat Falls”¦ #nlpoli #cndpoli (links to #5 above)

#3 (Nov 27) Remember when Ontario PCs said of Wynne’s 25% hydro “cut” (meaning cost deferral and cost shifting) “It is deceitful, it’s dishonest and it’s shady”?
Now Brown’s PCs not only endorse Wynne’s scam but “guarantee” to push the fake savings to 37%. #onpoli

#4 (Jan 6) Wondering why Ontario’s power rates have soared since 2009? Here’s another indicator:

#5 (Oct 20) Fun fact: not one U.S. generator competing against subsidized CND electricity exports has filed a NAFTA complaint yet.

#6 (Dec 9) It takes some special talent to not make a killing in Ontario’s highly subsidized renewable energy business. #solarfraud

#7 (Jul 19) W/ @brianlilley on @CFRAOttawa around 8 pm: green jobs leaving as subsidies dim (surprised?), ON gov’t getting back into coal power. #onpoli

#8 (Dec 19) Useful to remember that the incompetent bunch at Manitoba Hydro played a key role in helping @NalcorEnergy secure approval to screw the people of NL with the ruinous Muskrat Madness. #nlpoli

#9 (Oct 17) The Muskrat Falls green energy project is moments away from causing massive rate and tax shocks in Newfoundland & Labrador. (Corrected link)”¦

#10 (Nov 26) Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal electricity platform is based on a pack of lies, but the Ontario PC electricity platform is worse…

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#1 March 1 Analysis of what became the Wynne government’s “Fair” Hydro plan
#2 October 17 My testimony before the federal parliament’s Natural Resources Committee urging the federal government mitigate the harm it has caused in backing Muskrat Madness
#3 and #4 Posts April 16 and May 4 about the passing of my dear friend and long-time coauthor Michael Hilson.
#5 March 9th comments on the role of renewables in contributing to electricity rate changes in Ontario.