More Podcasts on Stabilizing ON Power Rates from Nov. 21

Here are two podcasts from Nov. 21 reviewing Premier Wynne’s apology for rising power rates and discussing options for containing rates now and in the future.

The first interview is with Matt Gurney and Supriya Dwivedi on AM640 in Toronto.

Main points:

McGuinty’s rate increases in the first couple of years were justified. Since 2009, rate increases have been running at around 8% per year and have not been justified.

Wynne’s initiative to cut sales tax on electricity is a phoney financial trick. However, her decision to “suspend” the Large Renewable Procurement part 2 (LRP2) is a solid initiative. The government should be suspending more such low or no value programs, such as energy storage.

Rather than cutting rising cost, the government is likely to focus on cost shifting.

Immediate rate relief options include stopping wasteful phoney conservation programs. The real function of conservation programs is to act as a marketing program for rising rates.

The second interview was with Scott Thompson on AM900 in Hamilton. (Starting at 14:55 until 31:30)

Main points:

Since 2011, successive Auditors General have been reporting on the mismanagement of the electricity file. These reports are the best available source for succinctly explaining why rates are out of control. A repeated finding has been that major spending programs were undertaken without any business planning by the government.

The more people understand about Ontario’s power system, the more outraged people become.

The government has made so many mistakes that there are many opportunities for energy cost savings.

Smart Grid has been a disaster for consumers. Examples of waste and mismanagement within the category of Smart Grid include Smart Meters and wasteful electricity storage investments.

Rather than focusing on root causes, Wynne is likely to hide costs at Crown corps, particularly OPG.

Governments, including Ernie Eves, have a record of panicking and trying to hide costs.

The Libs have built their electricity plans on a mountain of false claims, such as claiming that eliminating coal is responsible for recent improvements in air quality.

Ontario suffers from a truth deficit behind the reality of our electricity situation.

If Wynne was serious of trying to cut power cost, she would stop wasteful projects like OPG’s New Post Creek hydro-electric development.

Interest groups that have been parasitizing Ontario power bills convinced the government that green energy would be an economic and jobs bonanza.

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  1. “Ontario suffers from a truth deficit behind the reality of our electricity situation.”

    A polite framing of a case of endless lies and deliberate imposition of an extremist ruse to destabilize western Democracy by destroying our prosperity.

    There will be plenty of time-wasting schemes to prolong the globalist grip on power as economies crumble. Our neighbours in the USA woke up and took decisive action to quash the threat, both foreign and domestic, to their nation. Sadly Canada is already a “post-national” country; according to PM Justin Trudeau.

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