Gas Busters Part 75: McGuinty Exonerated

The news and commentary circulating about criminal charges against former Premier McGuinty’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff emphasize that McGuinty has not been charged and is not under investigation by the OPP. In considering McGuinty’s success in skating away from his involvement in the gas plant scandal, remember this passage of his sworn testimony before the Justice Policy Committee of the Ontario Legislature May 7, 2013:

“I did not have an office computer; I did not use a government email. My interaction overwhelmingly was verbal in nature with my staff.”

Credit to NDP MPP Peter Tabuns for getting McGuinty’s leave-no-trace schemes on the record.

Long before Hillary Clinton got caught hiding her official government communication from scrutiny, McGuinty was already taking precautions.

Stepping away from the specifics of the Ontario gas plant scandal, think about the implications for the future of governmental decisionmaking of having no records.


  1. The two defence statements will make for interesting reading to see if either Miller or Livingston recall exactly why they decided to delete the files. Neither one seems like the kind that would consider “falling on their sword”. Also makes one wonder what went on over at Infrastructure Ontario when Livingston was running the show–after all the AG did beat up on them too.

  2. I’m sure Miller felt right at home at her new job in B.C.
    This is for years how we’ve been doing things in British Columbia under our (nominally) Liberal government.
    It’s only resulted in at least one suicide and multiple innocent people having their careers ruined.

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