Power Extortion Part 2: Ombudsman Marin’s Review of Part 1

This evening on Twitter, Ontario Ombudsman Marin reacted to my analysis of his recent remarks on collections policies and practices at Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa.

Here is some of that direct and retweeted exchange in chronological order (note the time stamps are 3 hours behind EDT):

Tom Adams @tomadamsenergy · 12:42 PM
Power Extortion: How @Ont_Ombudsman is jacking up Ontario power rates. http://shar.es/1fT2Sg

Ontario Ombudsman “@Ont_Ombudsman 3:05 PM
I nominate @tomadamsenergy’s blog for the Pulitzer Price for Fiction. Sure to entertain you on the Monday back to work after March break.

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 3:41 PM
[email protected]_Ombudsman Get over your petty ad hominem. What “Fiction” do you claim I have committed?

Ontario Ombudsman “@Ont_Ombudsman 4:03 PM
You @tomadamsenergy misrepresented most of what I said to bolster ur anti public-policy @hydroone stance. Shame. Followers, ur thoughts?

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 4:09 PM
[email protected]_Ombudsman My review documents your direct quotes. Are you taking back any of them? @HydroOne

Dave Butters “@davebutters 4:25 PM
@Ont_Ombudsman @tomadamsenergy @HydroOne Tom is right.

Retweeted by @Ont_Ombudsman
Edith “@edpear 3h3 hours ago
@Ont_Ombudsman @tomadamsenergy @HydroOne Tom Adams assumes that the bills are correct. Non payment of a fictitious bill is not delinquent.

Ontario Ombudsman “@Ont_O4:57 PM 4:57 PM
Hydro apologist speaks up in favour of Neanderthal policies. Yippee! “@tomadamsenergy Ignorant junk from @Ont_Ombudsman re. @HydroOne

Ontario Ombudsman “@5:00 PM
[email protected] @GitchieCheechoo “during winter months”. Not applicable rest of the year. #cheerypicking

Tom Adams “@tomadamsenergy 5:10 PM
Officer of the Ontario Legislature @Ont_Ombudsman can’t defend his promotion of bad debt, so he tries to change the subject. @HydroOne.

Ontario Ombudsman retweeted
My name is Stewie @StewieBusiness · 2h2 hours ago
@Ont_Ombudsman @tomadamsenergy @HydroOne Tom seems to have misplaced some intellectual integrity. If intentional, he gets to live with it.

Ontario Ombudsman “@Ont_Ombudsman 5:22 PM
It’s official. I nominate @tomadamsenergy for the Pulitzer Price for Fiction. Or maybe the “extreme” creative writing category @HydroOne

Ontario Ombudsman @Ont_Ombudsman · 5:28 PM
Hydro “consultants” r misrepresenting what I’ve said abt @HydroOne, & being RT’d by the “Mr. Butters”. Followers: should I ignore or answer?

Ontario Ombudsman @Ont_Ombudsman · 6:02 PM
Tmr I’ll answer @tomadamsenergy’s childish & misinformed blog. (Tho admired by @davebutters and butterscotch buddies)

Ontario Ombudsman “@Ont_Ombudsman 6:19 PM
[email protected] And mostly factually incorrect. Propping a straw man to knock him down. Old trickster. @tomadamsenergy

Ontario Ombudsman retweets
Smiling Idiot @asmilingidiot · 6:19 PM
@tomadamsenergy @Ont_Ombudsman Adams statement is specious and seeks 2 address the symptoms rather than the cause. Keep up the good work #OO

Tundra Swans @TundraSwans · 6:32 PM
@ArgusTuft3 @Ont_Ombudsman @tomadamsenergy @HydroOne Tom Adams is a Canadian hero. You need to do more research.

Tom Adams @tomadamsenergy · 7:42 PM
Hey @Ont_Ombudsman, will u confirm u met with OEB Chair Leclair as part of your @hydroone investigation? What is the @OntEnergyBoard doing?

Dave Butters “@davebutters 8:21 PM
@Ont_Ombudsman @tomadamsenergy puerile & undignified

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  1. I think Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin and his team are behaving very inappropriately. The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman should use our resources to present a better response to Tom’s comments, rather than thru a series of confusing “Tweets”.

    There’s a pattern.

    The ways in which the Ontario Ombudsman has chosen to handle the serious issues of fraud [?] in the wind energy sector, has destroyed any credibility I might have thought they had.

    For example, the Ombudsman’s agents are quick to refer to the “Chief Medical Officer of Health Report of 2010” about wind turbines and negative health effects, to try and put off affected Ontarians, but not one agent that I’m aware of will admit to having read the report or can summarize what the report actually said.

    For more on this topic, here’s a reference one might find helpful:

    “fess up or delete”
    Chief Medical Officer of Health document identifies causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects
    dated December 28, 2012

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