Wind Warriors: Don’t Blow It

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is playing the Ontario PCs like a violin. How to make the three OPP investigations of her government vanish from the news? Offer the OPCs some gasoline and a match. Watch them incinerate themselves.

OPC leadership candidate Monte McNaughton insinuates that gay people are unqualified to participate in developing sex-ed curriculum. MPP Rick Nicholls, previously apparently a co-chair of the draft Patrick Brown campaign, has endorsed removing evolution from the science curriculum. Just for good measure, both McNaughton and Nicholls repeated their exclusionary views over and over last week.
Liberal entertainment. This is Wynne’s finest moment so far of her premiership.
Every vote for McNaughton in May will help galvanize Wynne’s base. Brown’s delay in solidly getting on side with real science education is damaging the OPC brand too. 
Here is a solid analysis of the OPC meltdown from Jamie Ellerton — a very impressive guy, part of the OPC’s lonesome Toronto base.

Some of my wind warrior friends leapt on the McNaughton band wagon in response to his leadership against abusive wind power contracts. To those friends, I say single issue politics are losing politics. McNaughton is right about wind power, but that isn’t good enough. 

Warren Kinsella has joked that at this rate the Ontario Libs will rule for another hundred years. He has a point.


  1. Hi Tom. Saw you on the news and had to read an bit and say Hello. Hope things are going well. Too bad your so right about the Consevatives…

  2. Thankyou, Tom, for having the courage to identify that there is a WAR happening here in Canada. In my opinion, some victims of industrial wind energy policies are being harmed (intentionally) and having their property stolen from them. I suspect many Canadians would be surprised to learn this.

    Also, I’m very concerned to read about Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin accusing Hydro One of “EXTORTION”. Until now, Ombudsman Marin has stated that problems in Ontario’s electricity regime are “not systemic”. But he is now saying they are practicing extortion AKA organized crime.

    I wonder if they’ll try the Nuremberg Defense for war crimes, again.

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