National Post Column: “Hot air from the wind power lobby”

In this column in today’s National Post, Ross McKitrick and I address criticisms raised against our analysis on behalf of the Fraser Institute of Ontario’s power cost trend.

The criticisms were presented in this press release from the Canadian Wind Energy Association supported by this study from the consulting firm Power Advisory.

My posting on the original study is presented here and our summary of the original study published in the National Post is here. Both have a number of comments back and forth that might be of interest to readers following our analysis.

One of the themes of my own comments has been the need for better transparency as what Ontario power consumers are actually on the hook for — a recurring theme on this site. Here is one of my reviews of the non-disclosure issues from about 5 years ago.


  1. U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, April, 2014
    International Trade Administration
    Industry & Analysis (I&A)
    Market Intelligence Brief, Canada, 14 page report

    “No foreign market will attract more U.S. renewable energy and smart grid equipment and services exports through 2015 than Canada.”

    “…but the country is also a large and growing producer of wind energy, due in part, to supportive polices at the federal and provincial level.”

    “The growth in wind energy capacity is part of Canada’s planned shift away from nuclear, large hydro and coal generation.”

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