Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 113: Another Award for Toronto Hydro’s CEO

Toronto Hydro’s CEO, Anthony Haines, has been recognized as “Canadian Energy Person of the Year” by the Energy Council of Canada.

The list of organizations recently conferring awards, endorsements, prominent speaking opportunities, or other recognition on Mr. Haines include the Canadian Electrical Association, the Canadian Association of Members of Public Utilities Tribunals, the Ontario Energy Board, Ryerson University, and Toronto City Council.

I have recently commented on an award presented to Mr. Haines by the Electrical Distributors Association.

One aspect of Toronto Hydro’s performance that I believe energy sector interests admire is Toronto Hydro’s leading rates. Attached is a survey of the residential power rates charged by the largest 10 urban distributors in Ontario. Notwithstanding its natural advantages due to economies of scale and service territory density, Toronto Hydro currently charges 28% (corrected from the figure of 29% in the original post) more for distribution service than the average rate charged by the province’s other large urban distributors.

The survey reports only the core distribution rates of each utility, including the base customer and volumetric charges adjusted for the “incremental capital module” and the Green Energy Act rider (corrected), both of which are permanent rate increases. Excluded from this survey are charges included in distribution rates but recovered on behalf of other entities such as contributions to the “Smart Metering entity”. Also excluded are temporary charges such as rate riders for Global Adjustment deferral account clearance, stranded meter assets recovery, other deferral and variance account clearance, tax adjustments, foregone revenue, CGAAP/CWIP differential, Smart Grid funding adder, and the Ontario Clean Air Benefit. All rate data is drawn from the respective Ontario Energy Board rate orders.

Residential rates (corrected) of Ontario’s largest 10 distributors: urban DX rates (corrected) – residential

Postscript (October 3, 2016): Upon receiving the CEPY award, Haines received endorsements from Premier Wynne and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.


  1. Looks like an award for the LDC with the biggest increase in charges to their customers!

    My total distribution costs from Toronto Hydro in 2003 (all -in) including customer charge, distribution charge and standard supply service was 2.1 cents/kWh.

    My charge for the same costs in 2014 (same timeframe) was 5.63 cents per kWh.

    For those into math that is a 176% increase in 11 years or 16% annually. .

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